"FGO" "iPhone decomposition" "Moomin" appeared in the center exam of 2018, what kind of problem is it?

Center test in FY2003 which started from January 13, 2018. The number of volunteers is582,671 peopleIn 2018 nationwide test-takers also challenge the exams over their own future. It is geography, history and citizens who stood in front of the students as the first subject of such a center examination, but from the timing of the exam just finished it is becoming a topic "There is a hidden problem!"

One of the topics that has become a hot topic is the following that was issued in Question 4 of World History B.

"The story of King Arthur originating from the British human heroic legend" comes out from the question,Fate / Grand OrderThe story originated from "Arthur · Pendragon" of the servant (character) appearing in the Foreign Ministry (FGO). In addition, Prince "Rama" appearing in "Ramayana" which is long-length epic poems of ancient India and "King of Gilgamesh" of "Gilgamesh epic" will also appear as servants in FGO. Furthermore, the long-awaited epic "Elias" of ancient Greece is "Reading aliasAppears in the FGO as a concept dress (item). In addition, "Laurent's Song" is an epic honoring Charlermagne legendary Laurent and recalls the servant's "Astorfo" appearing in FGO from Charlemagne legends.

Furthermore, Moomin appeared in Question 4 of Geography B.

In the question, "Animation with a fairy tale of three countries motif", "Nils' magical journey"Moomin"Small Biking BikkeIt is cited.

In addition, questions on the smartphone and mining resources appear in the second question / question 1 of Geography B.

The contents are as follows. Two smartphones in the middle of disassembly are posted.

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