'Tezuka Osamu' appeared with his own manga on the problem of the center exam of 2014

"Weekly Shonen Jump" appeared in the problem of college entrance examinationIn the sixth question of Japanese history B of the center exam which started from 18th January, "Tezuka Osamu and Its AgeIt seems that the question entitled "8 questions have been entered.

It was discovered that Tezuka Osamu appeared in the center exam question as a result of a center examinee's tweet.

The question which was made is Kore.

One major issue of Japanese history B has become a problem with Osamu Tezuka all round,Center test answer preliminary reportAccording to the number of questions is 8, the score is 23 points. The problem has been quized about the situation in Japan at the end of the Second World War, and cartoons under the problem sentence were drawn by Mr. Tezuka Osamu himself, who was a junior high school student at that time into mangaPaper fortIt is one frame of.

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