Folding electric scooter "Ioniq Scooter" to compensate for the last one mile after getting off the car

Hyundai Motor (Hyundai), a Korean car maker, is one of the world's largest IT and consumer electronics fairsCES 2017In the foldable electric scooter "Ioniq Scooter"Is exhibited. This electric scooter is being developed with a completely new concept of being for the last one mile for automobile users.


You can see what kind of electric scooter Ioniq Scooter is in the following movie.

Hyundai Ioniq Scooter concept | Overview - YouTube

A man trying to get on the train.

I am holding aside "Ioniq Scooter"

Ioniq Scooter deforms to the size that it can be held with one hand when folded.

Release the lock ... ....

Wake up the handle part ......

Spread the step part.

When finally opening the handle it is completed.

It turns into a kick board that moves electrically with Swiss.

At the center of the handlebar, it seems to be equipped with a display that displays information.

A man who came back to the car.

Collapse Ioniq Scooter.

I brought Ioniq Scooter to the driver's seat as it is.

Ioniq Scooter is an electric scooter developed with the concept of a means of travel for "the last mile" to get off the car and reach the building. Although detailed specifications are not disclosed because it is a concept model, it is said that it is a style that can be installed on the door part of the car, not the trunk, and can be charged.

Very smart design.

When folding it becomes quite compact.

Ioniq Scooter is not a usual moving body, but it is positioned as "a means of getting on and off the car," and it is not necessary to mount a large capacity battery. Therefore, it may be realistic to charge while driving a car with a door charging station. Although I do not know yet whether Ioniq Scooter is commercially available at the concept stage, it seems to be said to be an idea product unique to automobile manufacturers.

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