Futuristic massage chair inspired by sports car "Aventar"

Massage chair incorporating a flashy design like a sports car "Aventar"Was exhibited at the world's largest technology event · CES 2017. Not only looks but also excellent performance as a massage chair, such as being able to create a dedicated massage menu by scanning the body weight and body size of the sitting person.

Ridiculous futuristic massage chair was inspired by a sports car

Massage chair "Aventar" which was inspired by a sports car. It is the latest product of massage chair maker · Bodyfriend from Korea, and near future design which is not amusing even if it starts running like this is adopted.

The design that makes the seating part reminiscent of the car interior is adopted. It is a structure that wraps the whole body, it can massage arm, shoulder, back, head, neck, buttocks and back simultaneously.

When sitting on Aventar, we measure the height and width of the shoulder, the length of the legs, the height, the weight, and a special menu suitable for each is created. You can also set preferences of the user from specialized applications and manipulate the place and strength to massage. Also, since it has 5.1 speaker built in, you can enjoy games and movies with powerful sound while receiving the best massage if you connect with the TV etc. with Bluetooth.

The concept movie of Aventar has also been released and can be seen from the following.

LEX l 0719 - YouTube

Bodyfriend, a manufacturer of Aventar, plans to open 4 stores in Los Angeles, USA in 2017, and plans to increase the number of domestic stores in the United States to 150 stores over the next five years. Aventar is scheduled to start selling in the United States since 2018, the price is unknown at the time of article creation. As a reference, Aventar is expected to be reasonably expensive as the massage chair of other models of Bodyfriend is more than $ 10,000 (about 1.2 million yen).

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