Mt. Fuji seen at the top of Komagatake mountain in Hakone was so beautiful that a sigh could spill

What do you imagine by listening to Ekiden, Onsen, Overpass, Hakone? I did not know because the locality was far, but there was a place in Hakone where I could see Mt. Fuji. I worshiped Mt. Fuji which the foot spread widely as if I had spread both hands.

Takuya SAITO who made a round of the world by bicycle @ Charridermanis. Once I went around Japan I attacked the Hakone pass. The result was swayed by the rain and the stomach was destroyed scatteredly. Because I did not have good memories, I thought to Hakone again.

At the beginning of December I had business in Atami and decided to stay at Odawara for 1 night. Since it was an Internet cafe, the next morning I could move from early. I went out to sightseeing Odawara for the time being.

Odawara Castle that it was a castle of Mr. Hojo.

Actually Kinjiro Ninomiya who is from Odawara City (Honorable). A statue stood in front of the station.

◆ Ashinoko
After finishing Odawara sightseeing, I worry about what to do. But I do not know the opportunity again. The weather is nice. I decided to aim for Ashinoko for the time being. I was going to see Mt. Fuji at first sight.

Hakone Old Road · Line 1 Ticket | Hakone Tozan Bus

If you use Hakone Old Road · No.1 Ticket you can get back and forth from Odawara to Lake Ashinoko at 1,750 yen. It was a bus from Odawara to Hakone Yumoto, a mountain climbing train, Hakone Yumoto - Lake Ashinoko (former Hakone Port).

Mini formation climbing train.

Hakone Yumoto station in the mountains.

Arrived at Ashinoko after being shaken by the bus from Hakone Yumoto. There was also an altitude in the morning, so the area was cool, the lungs became Kuan with cold air. I will take a warm coffee at a convenience store's 100 yen coffee. A dark blue lake was spreading. I was looking at Mt. Fuji beyond the lake.

Mt. Fuji snow-covered. But I can not grasp the whole picture.

A pleasure boat with a theme of pirate was floating.

◆ Komagatake Ropeway
I certainly saw Mt. Fuji. But, this is not enough. When I looked around while I got moyamoya, there was a ropeway in the distance. Looking at the smartphone to the top of the mountain called Komagatake. It seems quite a spectacular view. I do not know the opportunity again. Next I aimed for a ropeway. If you look at the map with a smartphone, it is not far away. When you walk along the lake side and the lodge, it is about 30 minutes to arrive. It seemed there was also a bus route, but we took a round trip.

Hakone Komagatake Ropeway: Appreciation | Hakone Garden

A resort facility called "Hakone Garden" where accommodation facilities, aquariums and botanical gardens gathered also operates a ropeway. Both are the management of the Seibu group Prince Hotel.

There is only one big sightseeing resort and parking lot is wide.

The ground station of the ropeway. It was 1,300 yen round-trip for adults, but it was 1170 yen because there was a coupon ticket.

Like this, the ropeway connects Lake Ashinoko and Komagatake Mountaintop.

As the capacity is 101, the inside of the gondola was a fairly population density.

Despite placing lots of people, the gondola carries us strongly with a good guidance. I raise the altitude in one stroke so my ears were tone. Lake Ashinoko will gradually become bigger. Fuji which was hidden in the mountain in the front is also full of its appearance, "Ooooo" "Wow!" Inside the gondola was surrounded by a surprised voice.

There was an old building on the mountaintop station. There was a stove in the waiting room.

◆ Mountain top of Komagatake
When going out, a cold wind blows. A strong wind that seems to be able to fly to the soul as she is out of hand. Although the outside world was sunbathing and being wrapped in soft cheerfulness, the summit was like the day of stormy weather in winter. I wanted a warm hat with a hot-headed head. While walking around the summit even while pulling to the cold.

Lake Ashi no as if water accumulated at the bottom of the bowl. It is similar to the caldera of Aso. The ship floating on the surface of the lake is as big as an ant on the ground.

We were able to see panorama of Hakone (foreground) on lake shore and harbor of Hakone town (back).

Mount Aitaka rising behind Ashinoko area.

And Mt. Fuji which seemed to be able to watch forever. It has been deprived of the hero's majesty extending equally from the summit like the character of the mountain.

A style appropriate for the mountains in Japan.

Expanding both hands to reproduce the hem of Mt. Fuji.

There was Lake Ashinoko, there was Mt. Fuji, I could see the flat land around Gotemba, I felt the size of the Earth with my skin. Is it the Southern Alps behind Mt. Fuji?

I also took a video.

Mt. Fuji seen at the top of Komagatake mountain in Hakone was beautiful enough to sigh ... - YouTube

When I looked toward Kanagawa, the sea of ​​Shonan which drew an arc was spreading.

There is also the Motomiya of Hakone Shrine at the summit of Komagatake.

A red torii lying at the top of the mountain.

I have been around the world variously, but there are still a lot of spectacular sceneries that I do not see in Japan yet. Regarding Hakone, I would like to come back again by bicycle.

Every place I want to visit Japan and the world. I would like to digest even one more before I die. And I think that I can introduce it in articles. Thank you in 2017 as well.

(Sentence / photo: Takuya S. Narou Charriderman
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