The new area "Pandora: The World of AVATAR" of Disney's newly opened movie "Avatar" is like this

Movie "Avatar 2" in December 2018To be releasedAlthough it has been made clear that it is a new area that is the theme of avatar ahead of the sequel "Pandora: The World of AVATAR"Will appear in the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida in the summer of 2017. A movie that included behind the scenes was opened ahead of the open, details of which are only a little clear.

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The state behind the scenes of the new area "Pandora: The World of AVATAR" released for the first time this time can be confirmed from the following movie.

Behind the Scenes of Pandora: The World of AVATAR | Disney's Animal Kingdom - YouTube

"Pandora: The World of AVATAR" scheduled to appear in the Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort in the summer of 2017 is a new area with the theme of the movie "Avatar".

Mr. Joe Road of Walt Disney Imagineering said: "When asked for the first time, it was doubtful whether we can reproduce the avatar world, but in fact it was possible to physically reproduce the avatar world. It has become a crazy challenge, though. "

"It's hard to express that the world that I imagined in 1995 can actually see and touch," said James Cameron.

Looking at the construction landscape, you can see Pandora's lush jungle and plants with mysterious shapes.

The world of avatar was made using the latest technology.

"Navi River Journey", one of the new attractions, attracts canoeing adventure in a beautiful jungle that appeared in Avatar.

The mysterious lighting jungle is the avatar world itself. Cameron commented, "Guests will be able to see something they have never seen before."

Another new attraction is "avatar · flight · of · passage ·".

"Avatar · Flight of Passage" is an attraction to adventure Pandora for animals flying in the sky called Ikuran who appeared in Avatar. The scenery of Pandora that I see while gliding over the sky is the best.

"Avatar · Flight of Passage" is a pattern to become a ride to ride while watching the image making full use of latest technology.

Not only the new attraction, Cameron's attention also draws attention to the new area which is described as "Avatar's world itself". A rock like floating in the sky is faithfully reproduced.

Concept art of the main restaurant "Satu'li Canteen" in the new area. It is designed to recreate the world of aboriginal Navi.

Concept art of shop "Windtraders". Avatar souvenirs are likely to be arranged at this shop.

The new area "Pandora: The World of AVATAR" will be opened in the summer of 2017. I would like to expect it to open in Disney Land in Japan.

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