A new area that reproduces the world of Star Wars appearing in Disneyland is like this

Disney has released a new area concept art with the theme of "Star Wars", which is scheduled to appear in "Walt Disney World Resort" in Florida, USA and "Disney Land Resort" in California.

Disneyland Park Guests Get a Peek at New Star Wars - Themed Land | Disney Parks Blog

This is the concept art of a new area that reproduces the world of Star Wars, which is under construction at two Disney theme parks in the USA. In the new area where the X wing is flying, there is an adventure waiting to jump into the middle of the battle between the first order and the rebel army.

I am stuck with fine details and the new area was designed, and Concept art has the stored Millennium Falcon drawn. At Disney's announcement attractions based on the theme of Millennium Falcon will appear.

The new area of ​​construction under construction is about 14 acres (about 57,000 square meters), and it is the largest in Disney history in an area handling a single work. New area will be in August 2015AnnouncementWhen it was done, the concept art that Millennium Falcon flew was released.

This is also a concept art released at the time of announcement in August 2015.

The stored Millennium Falcon is likely to be a commemorative shooting spot.

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