Disney's "Tomorrowland" latest trailer is released, the world view revealed in a mystery revealed at a stretch

A mystery adventure movie based on "Tomorrowland" known as one of the theme areas in Disneyland is "Tomorrowland"is.The trailer which had already been releasedHas become a mystery enclosed in mystery anyway, Disney's founder Walt Disney painted by Mr. Walt DisneyFilms created based on the "future image"Together with the touch of being touched, expectations were expanded swiftly as to what would be drawn, but the view of the world that was enveloped in a mystery by the latest trailer has become apparent at a stretch.

"Tomorrowland" trailer - YouTube

One boy who visited Disney Land

Hold a big baggage and get on the attraction

As Donburi-kodoro flows, it flows ...

Mysterious sensor launched

And scan the batch written "T" at the boy's chest

A hidden passage is suddenly opened when the scan is over

What on earth is there ahead of being drifted ... ....



And after 20 years

A somewhat familiar batch placed on the desk

"Not me,"

"What are you talking about?"

"This pin batch, I ..." When a girl stuck with a batch that is not my own touches the batch ......

In a moment the whole area became a grassy field

I was surprised to go back to the original police station when I took off my batch

I can not understand what was going on

"If somewhere in the world -"

"What if there is a secret place where everything is possible?"

The scene changes and new characters appear

Apparently this girl apparently knows something about that mystery batch

"Why to me?"

"Because it's a special person"

"And he also."

"Frank Walker?"

"I'd like you to take me along."

"Where are you going?"

"That place where Pin Batch led!"

A girl suddenly blown away

It was ... that appeared saying "Do not go any further" ...

George Clooney acts Frank Walker

"I saw the future,"

"It's not the future, it's Tomorrowland."

"Of Disneyland?"

"The theme park is only for covering the real thing"

"What if geniuses all over the world really want to change the world?"

"Walt is one of them"

A world view gradually becoming obvious and a mysterious explosion

"You were chosen."

"Solve the mystery of Tomorrowland"

"To save the world"

"What was this, was there over there?"

"What if?"

"hurry up!"


Emergency escape with bathtub

"What is the trick?"

"Entrance to another world"

"It's been a long time to return,"

"Why now, why is she?"

"She will never give up"

"What if she can solve a mystery?"

And the word "Tomorrowland" from the mouth of the main character

What kind of endings are waiting for you ....?

A trailer for overseas edition is also released, but if you compare it with this, you can see how many elements were newly revealed.

Disney's Tomorrowland Trailer # 2 - In Theaters May 22! - YouTube

Tomorrowland is open to the public from Japan on Saturday, June 6, 2015 in Japan.

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