An incredible number of 'great composers' had drunk

BySusanne Nilsson

The words "Mozart and Liszt" or "Brahms and Liszt" are used in the meaning of "drunken" in English-speaking countries. According to this phrase, although tables are not told, many of the composers who are said to be "great" in modern times have drunk, who is drinking and the state of abominationThe SpectatorIt is written in.

A surprising number of great composers were fond of the bottle - but can you hear it?

I do not hear much about the story that "great composers wanted to drink", but at one time, the journalistDamien ThompsonMr.Oliver HilmsWhile I was reading a document about Mr. Written,Franz ListI saw a frightful drunk episode of "that. Hirsu who was interested in the drinking habits of composers started investigating from this. I checked the biography of the listMusical scholar Alan Walker etc also wrote, Mr. Walker's writings are not written about the drinking habits of the list. Mr. Walker admits that the list drinking 1 bottle of Cognac or 2 wines per day, but the appearance that the list is not considered alcoholic. On the other hand, Felix Winggartner, the disciple of the list, said that he was saying "certainly in the middle" about the list.

Brahms performed piano well at brothels and pubs. In many articles Brahms is written as "for money" as to why Brahms was playing in brothels, but in reality, Brahms, which is attractive for prostitutes, often used services It seems. And about the brahms' behavior on a party, there is also the word "drunk he has messed up all the women with shocking words and messed the place."

ByJoseph Morris

As you can see from the two above, the word "Brahms and the list" is not a meaningless metaphor, it can be said that it was made based on historical facts.

Only drunk episodes are left on lists and brahms. Schubert has been drinking since he was young, and "Severely and shameful behavior when invited to a private party of a family member 's family" is recorded in multiple documents. Beethoven also recorded the same feeling as Schubert, walking with a gait that was strolling along the street. In addition, Schumann was confirmed at a carnival in Heidelberg in the southwestern part of Germany in 1830, "The consciousness is confused due to too much drinking of rum and falls with the road and fits under the skirt of the lodging hostess" It is said that there is.

In addition, there are other so-called people who are Mozart, Handel, Mussorgsky, Tchaikovsky, Sibelius in the "drunk list", but there is no report that "About drinking" for Bach. However, the beer price paid for a two week journey is equivalent to 8 gallons (30 liters) of beer? It is pointed out that. Berlioz and Wagner seemed to prefer opium rather than alcohol.

Whether it is possible to find the influence of alcohol on music of composers is difficult, but Mussorgsky's "Death song and danceIt is a song written while suffering from alcoholism and it can be said that the situation where the composer was placed is reflected in disturbing harmony. Also, as it is difficult to conduct accurate composing activities in a drunk state, Sibelius never completed the song in the last 30 years of his life.

ByBrandon Giesbrecht

On the other hand, Beethoven created a solemn song that could not be expressed in words, while suffering from the worst hangover of losing hearing. Beethoven was looking forward to the wine sent from Rheinland State in Germany while staying at the edge of the bed at bed, but when the wine arrived there was little consciousness, Beethoven said " It is too late, "he says he lost consciousness.

One Brahms could enjoy drinking until just before death. Brahms managed to bring a glass with wine to her mouth and died leaving the word "delicious".

ByAndreas Levers

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