Why is the old statue's penis so small?

Although I can feel the beauty when I see a statue at a museum, what comes to mind is "Why are all dresses and penis small?" About this question, Ellen Oredson, an expert in art history, is seriously commenting on it.

"Why do all old statues have such small penises?" | How To Talk About Art History

Mr. Oleddson decided to write a blog on the topic "Why is the penis of an old statue so small?" Because he received a question from a reader of a blog. It is speculated that the reader 's "old statue" refers to a statue made in the era of ancient Greece or ancient Rome.

There are two reasons why the penis of ancient Greek statues is small. Firstly, the statue's penis is in a state of relaxation. And another reason is that the criteria for the masculine beauty of those days were very different from the present day. In modern times a value has been found in a large penis as an indication of masculinity, but in ancient Greece it was thought that a smaller penis was better than a big penis. Historian Kenneth · J · Dover's book "Greek Homosexuality"According to that time, the big penis was associate with" stupidity "" coloration "" ugliness ", so it was said that the small penis had cultural value.

However, statues with huge penises also exist. For example, the following has a huge penisSatyrA statue of. Satyr is a mythical creature that loved wine and ladies and bishops.

In addition, the following is the god of male fertilityPre-posA statue of. Preapus is cursed by the eternal erection, impotence, ugliness, stupidity from the god of Hera, and it seems that other gods also hate it.

As you can see in the example above, the big penis seen in ancient Greece was reminiscent of lust and stupidity, reminiscent of animal-like behavior like saturus. "An ideal person" in ancient Greece is an intellectual and reasonable person, sex acts were preferred, but it seems that it was thought that rather it is a little penis can be logical.

And because statues of ancient Greece were all balanced and idealistic, statues of big penis including humor and grotesqueness were not made much.

People of ancient Rome had no negative impression on big penis as much as ancient Greece, but the size of the penis in the statue remains small. After that, in the era of Renaissance too, the statues of Ancient Greece and Roman ancient times will have a big influence, and the custom of "small penis" will be transmitted to later generations.

Michelangelo made famous as a statue with a small penis made in the Renaissance eraStatue of David. Two doctors in Florence in 2005 said that the dick's penis is getting smaller by fearI have published a paper, According to the paper David's body shows fear every part before the fight with the giant, and the penis is no exception. Mr. Oleddson says that it is very interesting to interpret art regardless of the historical background.

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