The transcendental skill that plays with 146 bottles "Charles Dash"

"Charles dashAlthough it may be many people who do not come with a pin even if it is heard, in Hungarian's old language it is a style of dance music meaning "tavern style"RomaSpread to Central Europe and Eastern Europe countries.Vittorio MontiComposition 'Charles dashEveryone in Japan has not heard of something that once heard it.

I think that the movie that played with 146 empty bottles suitable for the name of "bar-bar style" this song known as a transcendental skill by brass instruments with a fast tempo and heavy use of trill is "I want to try" It is complete degree that you can not imitate overnight in the evening.

Playback is from the following.YouTube - Czardas on 146 Bottles!

146 bottles with water added and the scale adjusted, and the other two will move while one is playing and will play with three people.

You can see the grand piano behind, but shootingCorkMusic school inCork School of MusicIt was said that it was held in the classroom.

A teacher is also used. Apparently it seems to play with a knife instead of mallet.

I used the top of the locker to finalize. It is suitable for "barbaan style" music "Charles Dash", and you can see various vintages such as vodka, beer, wine, but it seems to have been gotten by a pub in the city.

In addition, the previous work "This bottle of 101 bottles made on the day when these three Irish men were raining in Italy, TriesteBear bee's flightYou can see the movie from below.

YouTube - Flight of the Bumblebee on 101 Bottles!

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