I ate at the Matsuya "Bulukogi set menu" of garlic meat × garlic, where rice goes nonstop

Matsuya Classic beef Calvin meat and garlic sprouts, baked onion balls juicy, garnished with spicy garlic special sauce "Bulgogi set meal"Has appeared on December 20, 2016 (Tue) at 10 o'clock. I actually went to the shop to have a menu that seems to go easy even though I just heard it.

Bulukogi set menu new release! | Matsuya Foods

Arrived in Matsuya. The shop front already had a picture of Bulukogi set meal.

I bought tickets for Bulukogi set menu with a ticket vending machine. Bulkogi set meals are now available for choosing small bowls from "raw eggs", "mature eggs", "spicy hot kimchi", and this time we chose semi-mature eggs.

After ordering, Bulukogi set menu arrived in a few minutes.

Compared with the iPhone SE with the total length of 123.8 mm this dish containing bulgogi is like this.

When I try to eat it, the fragrance of fragrant garlic spreads in the mouth with the taste of fat meat carved. Bulgogi is a Korean cuisine, but there is little hot pepper, mainly the sweetness of soy sauce and sugar. From the moment of eating a bite, the feeling that "I must be fit with rice" will be strengthened that does not disappoint.

Tamagi and garlic buds left a little shakijaki texture.

By saying that it is a dish you want to eat with rice rather than eating alone, turn on burgundy on rice. I will also add a half-egg egg.

When adding rice and semi-mature eggs, bourgoigh makes a more mellow finish. Soy sauce is somewhat strong Bulukogi is perfectly suited for rice, reciprocating movement of chopsticks from bowl to mouth will not stop.

People who want to warm your body with hot spicy food seems to be good if you choose kimchi, as mild eggs are made into a semi-mature egg, the mellowness becomes stronger and the element of spicy becomes almost zero.

"December 6 appeared"Set meal of chicken and Chinese cabbage cream stew"Had raised the argument that" Miso soup matched the staple food set of stew ...? ", But there was salad and miso soup in the set bowl of bulkogi.

Bulgogi set meals are rice cooked at 690 yen including tax, and rice syrup is free until December 26. In addition, Burukogi W set meal is 990 yen including tax.

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