'Sex robots can over-stimulate humans,' experts warn


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With the rapid development of AI (Artificial Intelligence), while robots incorporating AI are being deeply incorporated into human life, 'sex robots' used for sexual purposes are excessive for humans Have been pointed out at a conference by experts that they may continue to inspire and even destroy the traditional lifestyle.

Sex-bots could 'over-exert' their human lovers, academic warns • The Register

This point is the second International Conference on Love and Sex with Robots ('Love' and ' Sex with Robots ') held at Goldsmiths College , England from December 19 to 20, 2016. What was done during the presentation session). According to Oliver Bender of Nordwest Schweiz College of Technology who made the presentation, 'Sex robots should raise a wide range of questions about mechanical ethics.'

Bendell talks of 'mechanical ethics', which means that every machine, such as an autonomous car, a chatbot, a military drone, and a personal pleasure robot, can be 'potentially charged with morality'. The idea is to cast the question that sex robots should have 'moral ability' in addition to physical functions.


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In addition to the functional problem of what kind of ability to give the robot to this problem, it also focuses on the AI judgment criteria of 'how much will human requirements be accepted'. This problem is not just between “robot and human”, but the existence of “sex industry using robot” has a great influence on this. For example, as Google gathers information from all over the world, and the online game raises people's feelings of enthusiasm, the sex industry may raise people's desires through robots, possibly resulting in a level of dependence at a different level than before. It is pointed out.

In fact, a company that sells high-tech vibrators for women may have been sued for secretly collecting user usage data.

Accused of women's sex toys linked to smartphones secretly collecting usage data-GIGAZINE

Unlike real human beings, robots are basically 'fatigue-free' and they can continue to operate infinitely if they have power. When human beings have sexual relations, the limits come to each other's mind and body, especially to the male side, but in the case of robots, this does not exist. Therefore, in extreme cases, it is apprehensive that the situation of sexually dependent on a robot who does not know fatigue will affect the sex act between humans, which is the original figure.

Mr. Bendell warns, 'If the machine attracts humans too much, it will reduce the possibility of sex between humans.' Bendell also points out that this effect also affects people who have been taken away by machines and those who can not obtain such equipment.

By Mark DeMaio

With the rapid development of AI, such a problem should be widely considered, and a voice arose at the meeting. In addition, it was said that there were also opinions that it should not be a party of the traditional pornography industry to judge on this issue.

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