AMD announces the new CPU "AMD Ryzen", can it be a competitor for Intel processors?

In August 2016An overview is announcedNext generation next generation microarchitecture of AMD "Zen". Next Generation CPU adopting this Zen architecture was known as its codename "Summit Ridge", but at local time on 13 December 2016, officially "AMD RyzenIt was announced as.

New Horizon - AMD Ryzen processor introduction

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With the Zen architecture, AMD announced the processor product and brand "AMD Ryzen" that embodies the performance and efficiency of the x86 core. "AMD Ryzen" was announced in the event entitled "New Horizon" AMD held at local time on December 13, 2016 from 3 pm. The state of the event can be watched in the following movie, and "AMD Ryzen" announcement starts from around 25 minutes of the movie.

AMD Presents New Horizon - YouTube

AMD has set the release timing of "AMD Ryzen" as "scheduled for the first quarter of 2017", and has released several detailed specifications at the same time as the release time. The first CPU of the "AMD Ryzen" brand will be for 8 core and 16 thread high end desktops. The L2 cache is 4 MB and the L3 cache is 16 MB. This chip is based on AMD's microarchitecture "BulldozerUnlike cluster-based multithreading,Simultaneous multithreading, It is possible to derive the maximum performance of the clock frequency of 3.4 GHz. Although the clock frequency alone is not an indicator of CPU performance, it does not reach Intel's latest quad core CPU Core i 7-6700 K (4.2 GHz), but it fairly competed with Intel 's Broadwell - E processor (3.2 GHz) It is a number.

IPCImproved by 40% from the previous generation architecture.

Also, Ryzen is less than 100 WThermal design power(TDP) to achieve base clock 3.4 GHz is also a point. For Intel 's Broadwell - E processor, which is a competing product, TDP is less than 140 W, indicating that Ryzen is a very good figure.

In addition, the processing power of this high CPU is realized by adopting artificial intelligence called "SenseMI". "SenseMI" introduces five functions "Pure Power" "Precision Boost" "Extended Frequency Range" "Neural Net Prediction" "Smart Prefetch".

· Pure Power
A system that monitors the temperature · clock frequency · voltage sensor and supplies power to the CPU more efficiently.

· Precision Boost
Function to perform frequency control finely. By becoming a set with Pure Power, you will be able to optimize performance.

· Extended Frequency Range
It is possible to automatically determine the operating environment of the processor and boost to a higher operation clock. It can operate efficiently even with a cooling system using air, water and liquid nitrogen, and artificial intelligence automatically judges everything.

· Neural Net Prediction
The Zen architecture is all equipped with artificial intelligence and it always reflects what processing in what order leads to best performance.

· Smart Prefetch
Smart using artificial intelligencePrefetchfunction.

In addition, Ryzen will be released together with the new chipset "AM 4". With DDR4 memory, PCI Express 3.0 and USB 3.1 are adopted, storage connection standard is NVMe. AMD says "AM 4 is designed to run multiple generations of processors simultaneously."

Although details on the price of Ryzen are not disclosed, Ars Technica of foreign news site predicts "It will be close to Intel's Core i7-6700 K". "If AMD could mainstream Ryzen of the 8-core CPU, it could fill up the difference with Intel CPU's single-threaded performance and it could be the pushup from the bottom required for the current CPU market," , Ars Technica states the expectation for Ryzen.

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