Works of "insect repellent artists" that can manipulate the movement of insects who acted guided spiders in the movie "Spider-Man"

Mr. Stephen Kutcher who became an entomologist who became an entomologist who grew insect insects who have fallen as a child since childhood made Hollywood movies such as "Spider-Man" and "Jurassic Park", and "X file "CSI: NY", etc. In addition to manipulating insects that appeared in TV dramas, we are doing activities as artists that let the insects themselves draw pictures.

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"When I was a high school student, I was worried about two things, one was that I was unattractive and the other was that I thought that I was not smart so much," Kutcher said. It seems that he felt that he was different from his surroundings when he was a child, and he confessed to his mother, "Mama, I am not normal".

Mr. Kutcher's home. It's like an ordinary house ... ...

A lot of insects appear "living" in the house.

Tarantula also lives together.

Mr. Kutcher strokingly loves a large cockroach that I do not see in Japan. It is a scene that some people are about to fain due to someone, but for Katcher this is everyday.

Mr. Kutcher, who likes insects more than ordinary people, decides to move on to the path to entomologists.

And Mr. Kutcher, familiar with how to treat insects, will walk a career as an "insect repellent" that manipulates insects that appear in Hollywood movies. Mr. Kutcher's work can be seen in major titles such as "Spider-Man".

Incidentally, as a technique for Mr. Kutcher to manipulate insects, "Safely dive the real hornet into the mouth of the actor" "Run the floor to the cockroach and turn it over with a sign" "Sneak into the slippers with the spider walking" "There is a record such as. The following movie that insects perform action like the circus team, turn the generator, and charge smartphones equipped with SoC "Snapdragon" is also done by Mr. Kutcher.

Snapdragon Apresenta - The Bug Circus Generator - YouTube

One day, Mr. Kutcher who was shooting fireflies visiting the beach at night. When I checked the pictures after photographing, I noticed that the traces of insects walking on the sand beach along with the fireflies' light were left beautifully.

And it seems that this triggered Mr. Kutcher to start insect art.

Make a white ground on the canvas ... ...

I put paint on the legs of the insects.

And then Mr. Kutcher who walks the insect. Of course six bugs of insects ... ...

It is also possible to crawl insects without legs.

Mr. Kutcher who got the work which I wrote in this way.

In the trace that the bug walked ......

By applying processing, works of color that seem to calm somewhere are created. Mr. Kutcher talks about this method, "Some people dislike this way, but I will keep doing it because I like insects."

Mr. Kutcher's website is here.

Steven R Kutcher Bug Art

GalleryOn the page of, you can see a number of artworks actually drawn by insects.

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