Analyzing movies that are preferred on the net and movies that can be avoided will be like this

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70% of the total bandwidth of the net occupied for the delivery of moviesThere is a report that it is being reported, and as for the mobile communication, the SNS such as Facebook as well as YouTube is ranked higher in the rankings, as you can see, the movie contents of the whole net is increasing. However, not all movie contents attract net users, but because users' tastes and habits exist, it is said that "what kind of movie content will be paying attention to users? It is shown in infographics.

Infographic: What Consumers Really Want From Your Video Content | Adweek

First, according to the survey, 67% of net users watch movie content to "enjoy".

In addition, 54% believe that even if there is a brand sponsor in the content, the value of the content will not be lost.

54% of users watch movie content to learn how to use the product. Also, 35% are users who enter personal information by registering brand services etc. for free and important content.

57% of users cite TV as an important source of news, television has a great power as a news source even now, but 51% say that social media is also the source of news.

On the other hand, only 34% of newspapers found value as news.

The purpose of the brand's use of the movie content is captured as follows. "To show new brands using innovative technologies and strategies" 54%, "To show their own beliefs" 51%, "To provide humor" 49%, "Marketing It is 38% to appeal content visually. "

In terms of movie advertising, only 26% choose the one that is known to be advertisement when choosing one from two movies based on my interests. Movie contents are spreading, but advertising is basically being avoided even if it is a movie content. In addition, only 19% clicked short movie ads that appear after the movie content.

Meanwhile, 48% of online advertisements appearing on various websites are reported to be affected emotionally on a daily basis. Also, 60% of usersRemarketingIt tends to click on advertisements.

Next is VR (virtual reality). Currently it is mainly VR used for entertainment purposes, but I think that many users will be using VR even in fields other than entertainment. In this regard, 36% think that it is useful in the field of education, 31% think that it is useful in the travel field.

16% think that they are receiving training and helping in product trials.

Note that Infographics is created based on a survey conducted by a marketing company Accenture Interactive for 1000 consumers.

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