Finally, Oculus Rift's exclusive grip type controller "Oculus Touch" is released, realizing natural operability overwhelming rivals

Oculus 'VR headset'Rift"Dedicated controller"Oculus Touch"Was finally released on December 6, 2016 at the end of repeated sales postponement. About Oculus Touch which had already been released only for prospective buyers who purchase Rift,Ars TechnicaYaThe VergePublished a review. High evaluations are gathered for ease of use far exceeding controllers for rival VR headsets such as HTC Vive and PlayStation VR.

Oculus Touch controller review: Let your fingers do the grabbing | Ars Technica

Oculus Touch review: the Oculus Rift is finally complete - The Verge

Oculus Touch is in a white box like an Apple product.

In a white box is a black box. In a black box, Oculus Touch and a tracking camera are included.

Oculus Touch is completely different from stick type controllers like Rift's competitors HTC Vive and PlayStation VR.

Use multi thumb, X · Y button, thumb stick with thumb.

You can also check the trigger button on the side.

Oculus Touch will hold like this.

Grip buttons operated with the middle finger and ring finger, and buttons are mounted in various places, and it is shaped so that it can operate naturally just by grasping the controller.

The actual usability of Oculus Touch can be confirmed in the review movie of The Verge.

Oculus Touch VR motion controller review - YouTube

Adie Robertson said that he was longing for Oculus Touch, whose appearance was delayed for several months after the release of Oculus Rift.

Rift is synonymous with a VR headset boasting a very high degree of perfection.

However, until now, you have to operate with the controller for Xbox One, and you can not help saying that Rift was damaging the VR experience, compared to a rival machine with its own controller.

"Oculus Touch" which appeared with full after about 8 months from the release of Rift

I have a unique shape to grip by putting my hands in the ring.

You can operate buttons, sticks and triggers.

Oculus Touch has the feature that it can recognize bending and stretching of a finger, not to mention a lot of input system.

Poses like thumbs up ... ...

It is possible to operate as indicated by index finger.

With Oculus Touch it is possible to do game scenes more naturally like "grab a fireball and shoot" or "shoot a gun" for example. The naturalness of the motion is much different from the stick type controller.

Oculus Touch adds the same motion tracking camera as for Rift and uses it.

By placing the camera in two places in the front, you will track the movement of the arm in a wide range and precisely. Although one camera is attached to Oculus Touch, it is possible to add even one more camera at 80 dollars (about 8800 yen) to further improve accuracy.

Oculus Touch used to grasp with both hands is excellent in operability because it can naturally operate with fingers, in addition to the number of input lines such as buttons, triggers and sticks. "Oculus Touch has completed Rift as a VR headset," Robertson said highly.

The only drawback of Oculus Touch is the place where SteamVR games and other corresponding content are small. I'm looking forward to more Oculus Touch compatible content in the future.

The situation where Kyle Orlando of Ars Technica is playing VR game using Oculus Touch is released in the following movie. If you get used to the operation, you can see that it can work comfortably in the VR space.

Oculus Touch Gameplay: Dead Hungry, Robo Recall, Superhot, The Unspoken - YouTube

Both Ars Technica and The Verge give extremely high evaluation of the operability of Oculus Touch. The only drawback is the price of 199 dollars (23,800 yen in Japan price). However, it seems that if you use Rift, you should definitely become a controller that you should buy, as Orlando says, "VR experience is warranted to justify expenses."

In commemoration of the release of Oculus Touch, NVIDIAGeForce GTX 1080We are implementing a campaign that hits such as.

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