A new trilogy start, 'Transformers / Last Knight's King' Trailer Open

Deep car action and transformation from vehicles to robots, and robot battle are the most interesting movie "Transformers" series latest work "Transformers: The Last Knight(Transformer The Last Knight) "will be released nationwide in the summer of 2017, and a trailer with Japanese subtitles has been released.

"Transformers / Last Knight's King" | Trailer # 1 - YouTube

The ones that appear on the screen one after another are the past battles

"It has been handed down beyond time"

"" No victory without sacrifice ""

The scene to the destroyed stadium.

Large debris is scattered in the field, and the children walk there.

The girl encountered ......


It seems they are exploring something

"Optimus Prime has left"

A girl who makes you feel at ease and Squieks

Cade Jaeger takes the posture of surrender. He was the protagonist of "Transformers / Lost Age" and he was the one who revived Optimus.

Along with the narration of "Why do you want to know? Why do you come to Earth", a huge shadow approaching the moon.

What on earth is that ... ....

Fight Bumblebee

"Do you win?"

Cade seems to get caught in trouble every time in this work as well.

"The two worlds fight"

"Mission failed"

A fierce battle will also be held again this time.

In front of saying "No way" ......

Optimus prime and Bumblebee were in battle.

Optimus who protected humanity from the attack of the Decepticons so far, fangs off humanity ...?

"Transformers / Last Knight's King"

The public is the summer of 2017.

Director has been in charge of series 4 works since "Transformers" released in 2007 "Mr. Hollywood's destroying king" Michael Bay.

Mark Wahlberg of the previous work "Transformers / Lost Age" starring as role of Cade Jaeger. As a professor exploring the history of Autobots and Decepticons, Anthony Hopkins and other new casts will also join.

Incidentally, there is a new trilogy plan that publishes works one by one every year for three consecutive years, and this work is the first. The project is far superior to the scale so far.
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