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Movie by Director Ridley Scott "alien"Series latest work"Alien: Covenant(Original title: alien: covenant) "is released earlier than originally planned. Also, the release date of James Cameron's big hit movie 'Avatar 2' and the spy movie 'King's Man 2' has also been revealed.

Alien: Covenant - Terrifying First Poster Released, Release Date Changes - GameSpot

Release Dates For 'Kingsman' 2, 'Alien: Covenant' Shifted | Deadline

According to GameSpot 's report, the publication date was originally scheduled for August 4, 2017, but "Aliens: Covenant" was said to have been changed to May 19, 2017 ahead of schedule. Alien: Covenant is a sequel to Ridley Scott 's movie "Prometheus" who worked on Alien 1, and Prometheus is the day before Alien 1 in the first place. Director Ridley Scott "It becomes a hard R designated movie exceeding the alien"There are also things I talked about, SF works among high-profile works.

Poster released this time.

In addition, the release date of "Avatar 2" which will be a sequel to the epic artist "Avatar" was also found out. According to entertainment-related media Deadline reported, a movie of unknown title is scheduled to be released on 21st December 2018 from Lightstorm Entertainment which was established by Director James Cameron and was involved in the production of "Avatar" From the remark of Cameron 's "From now (2016) to release the sequel of Avatar in the Christmas season two years from now", it seems that there is no doubt that the movie whose title is unknown is "Avatar 2".

In addition, the release date of the sequel to "The Kingsmen: Gold Circle (Kingsman: The Golden Circle)", a sequel to "King's Man" which became a hot topic with a stylish British spy comically drawn on June 16, 2017 It was also revealed that it was postponed from October 6 to October 6.

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