Research found that iPhone users are more dishonest and less humble than Android users

Research that investigated the difference between Android users and iPhone users revealed that "There are many young people and women to iPhone users, thinking smartphones as" showing status. " Also, the difference in personality such as iPhone user being "dishonest" is also revealed.

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In this study, Lincoln University in the UK and Lancaster University cooperated to carry out two tests. In the first test, a questionnaire was made to correlate smartphone brands such as "iPhone" and "Android" with the personality of people using them, for 240 subjects.

Then in the second test, personality diagnosis was made about 530 Android users & iPhone users about stereotypes actually answered in the above test.

As a result of the first test, Android users found that the level of characteristics "honest", "humble", "friendly" and "open personality" are higher than iPhone users. However, I also know that "outgoing" level is lower than iPhone users at the same time. The second test also said that "a considerable number of Android users are more honest and humble than iPhone users."

In the survey, the number of women who have an iPhone has doubled the number of women who have Android terminals, and the age group seems to be lower for iPhone users than for Android users. Also, when examining the characteristic "avoid being the same as other people", it turned out that Android users are stronger than iPhone users. In addition, researchers have also concluded that "iPhone users think" having an iPhone is a status ".

Responding to the news site's "CNET" interview, the research team says "The big difference in personality is that iPhone users showed low levels of honesty and humility, and the emotional level was higher than Android users "I tell you.

The purpose of this research is to prepare a statistical model of people's smartphone. "This research shows a new perspective on" the difference in personality among people using different smartphones "" Heather Shaw, who conducted research, "If we deeply explore our research and the applications that people are downloading If we associate the person's characteristics, it will become clear that "smartphone is the user of the mini / digital version itself." Therefore, most of us do not like to lend your smartphone to people.The smartphone has owner I talk too much about it. "

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