A collection of photo collections that seems to get lost in a different world of the world's most beautiful movie theater "Tux Showski Theater"

Constructed in 1921, "One of the most beautiful cinemas in the worldIt is also called "Amsterdam" in the Netherlands "Tusky Ski Theater"is.Luxury theater, outdoor cinema, etc., There is a cinema with an unusual concept in the world, but I actually went and watched a movie to see how much it is "the world's most beautiful" movie theater.

Toscansky Theater - Holland.com

The Tuskinsky Theater is located in the heart of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. In the city where a tram is running ......

I found a building that is exceptionally unique. This is the Tuskinski Theater built in 1921 combining Art Deco and Amsterdam School.

"PATHE" written at the entrance means the major cinema complex in the Netherlands.

The screening time of the movie was displayed at the top of the entrance of the building. If you are in Japan you may purchase movie tickets with touch screen using the machine, but in the case of the Tusky ski theater, check the time here and purchase tickets at the interpersonal counter.

Then, deciding what movie to watch and stepping into the hall one step, the powerful and mysterious world was spreading. Although it is hard to understand a bit with a small image, you can understand the glittery interior that it seems to be said "overdecorrection" if it is an enlarged image after clicking.

The Tusky ski theater is mixed with various styles of the world both exterior and interior, and the entrance hall especially incorporates Asian taste. The mysterious interior that fuses multiple cultures is said that people who entered the cinema are made to feel "as if they had entered the fantasy world".

You can check the entrance atmosphere carefully from the following movies.

The most beautiful cinema in the world "Tux Showski Theater" Entrance looks like this - YouTube

In the middle of the entrance hall are four tables, placed on a flashy carpet with colorful patterns drawn.

On the wall is a sofa and table.

A pattern is drawn perfectly on the wall ... ...

The ceiling is full of patterns, the whole room has a handle and a pattern. It is a direction opposite to the interior of recent years popular with a simple and calm coordination.

Looking back at the entrance from the back of the entrance hall, it looks like this. NormallyDirected by Tim Burton "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children"It is surreal that there is a display of etc.

There is a place like a bar counter in the entrance hall where you can purchase tickets and purchase sweets and drinks.

When I visited there was screening at the biggest theater "Diary of Bridget Jones I'm unable to end my last stageSo, I bought the ticket for the time being.

It seems strange to see love comedy in a historic gorgeous theater, but when you look closely, Bridget Jones was pushed all over.

As I go up the entrance staircase, I am going to enter the 1st and 2nd floors of the theater.

When I actually climbed the stairs, the passage in front of the theater looks like this.

Waiting space. It surely feels the atmosphere of Art Deco in lamps and typography.

I am stuck to the light of the ceiling.

Although I was unmanned when I visited, I found something like a minibar.

The window was a beautiful mosaic glass.

Because I found a descending staircase when wandering the first floor floor ... ...

I will go down.

The basement floor was different from the first floor and it was somewhat simpler. There is a marble on the floor with a checkerboard pattern.

The light on the ceiling is different from the first floor.

Since there was a door, it entered ... ...

It was a lady's toilet. Even the toilet is beautiful making wealth and flow of the times felt.

The movie is from the following.

The world's most beautiful cinema 'Tusksky Theater' toilet - YouTube

The inside of the private room was a modern specification.

Returning to the first floor again, I decided to see what the biggest theater 1 is like before film showing.

Go through the door ... ....

Looking at the inside of theater 1 with panoramic photos, it looks like this. There is also a second floor seat, which is called a movie theater, or a theater where you can see ballet etc as you see it.

The inside of theater 1 can also be confirmed in the movie from below.

The most beautiful movie theater in the world "Tux Showski Theater" Inside theater is like this - YouTube

A huge stage in the center of the hall.

Pillars that exist to surround the stage are decorated as far as the decoration is concerned.

This is the ceiling.

The inside of the hall is filled with patterns, patterns, patterns, initially just overwhelmed, but I do not feel that it is because it is unified because the color is dark and unified.

The Tuskinsky Theater was originally built with specifications that allow you to see the stage as well as the movies. As I approached the screen ...

Certainly there is a space on the stage and it is possible to perform performances on stage.

Looking up to the stage, it looks like this. I do not usually experience, but I could catch a glimpse of the sight that the actors see.

Basically, the first floor part is lined with red single seat.

However, behind the theater there are also two-person seats separated by doors. Because there is a small table here, spread the snacks on the desk and you can relax like a house and watch the movie with two people.

Continue to the second floor.

The state of the theater seen from the second floor seat was like this.

You can check the sight from the second floor from the following movie.

Scenery from the 2nd floor seat of the world's most beautiful movie theater "Tux Showski Theater" - YouTube

Also, if you go through the door written as "ZAAL 2" in the aisle ... ...

Inside was a small theater. It might be close to the atmosphere like a good old movie theater.

During the daytime in the daytime was a crowded theater, but in the evening, when the movie show time approached, the number of people increased steadily. Everyone was drinking tea or drinking around the table until we started the movie, and relaxing on the sofa.

As Bridget Jones's diary seemed to start, so in a hurry I will return to Theater 1. This time we have purchased second floor seats, the seats feel like the following. Since small tables were attached to the railings on both sides, it was supposed to be able to put sweets and drinks. When I visited there was almost no one in the second floor seat, so I monopolized the table.

In addition to bag sweets for sweets,NachosThere was also warm food such as. Because there are alcohols such as beer besides juice, it was very nice to be able to refresh and enjoy snacks and movies while surrounded by beautiful decorations, visiting at the end of the work and at the end of the work.

In the movie, the first floor seat is 12 euros (about 1400 yen), the second floor seat is 15 euros (about 1700 yen). When you purchase a ticket for the second floor seat, you will get a cake and drink set.

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