Report that came to see the serious infectious disease countermeasures of the movie theater 'AEON CINEMA SIATAS Shinsaibashi' that opened in the era of the new corona

While movie theaters have been hit unprecedentedly by the impact of the new Coronavirus Infectious Diseases Control (COVID-19), 'AEON Cinema Ciatas Shinsaibashi ' will be launched in Chuo-ku, Osaka from March 16, 2021 (Tuesday). Open Following the announcement of the state of emergency in Osaka Prefecture, the grand opening of the theater was postponed in January 2021, and Ciatas Shinsaibashi said, 'Because it is an era when you are asked to visit a movie theater, you can enjoy movies with peace of mind. Based on the philosophy of 'creating an environment where people can enjoy themselves,' we have installed the first 'flying countermeasure partition between all seats' in the western Japan area, and applied 'Health Bright Evolution' with antibacterial and anti-virus processing to all seats and facilities in the theater. , Has introduced thorough epidemic prevention measures. Since I was able to get into such a theater at Shinsaibashi, I went to see what kind of movie theater it was.

Aeon Cinema Theatas Shinsaibashi

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◆ Arrive at Shinsaibashi Parco-The Lobby of Theatas Shinsaibashi
◆ I tried to preview the normal screen
◆ Aeon Cinema's finest screen 'Grand Theater'
◆ Food / drink menu

◆ Arrive at Shinsaibashi Parco-The Lobby of Theatas Shinsaibashi
The location of 'AEON CINEMA SIATAS Shinsaibashi' is on the 12th floor of Shinsaibashi Parco , located at 1-8-3 Shinsaibashisuji, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture.

Arrived at Shinsaibashi Parco.

When I arrived at the 12th floor by elevator, there was a partition in preparation. Beyond this partition is Theitas Shinsaibashi, which will open its grand opening on March 16th. There will be no partition at the time of opening.

The lobby of Ciatas Shinsaibashi looks like this.

Go to the screen at once. At the gate before entering the screen, there is a station that reads the QR code of the ticket ...

There was a thermometer.

In addition, there is a spray for disinfecting hands in the corridor to the screen. In addition to this, sprays for hand sanitizer were installed everywhere in the Ciatas Shinsaibashi building.

◆ I tried to preview the normal screen
When you enter the screen, it looks like this. At Ciatas Shinsaibashi, there are two types, normal screens 1 to 6 that can be entered at a basic viewing fee, and a special fee 'Grand Theater', which is the screen 6 with the largest number of seats in all 81 seats.

The most orthodox 'double elbow seats' are fixed seats without reclining, etc., but there are partitions between all seats to prevent flying. In addition, the seats, doors, and walls of the building are coated with an antiviral coating called 'Health Bright Evolution.'

The front row is a 'comfort seat' that allows you to watch a movie while lying down.

When a person actually sits on the comfort seat, it looks like this. If you sit in the front row of a movie theater, you may look up and hurt your neck, but with a comfort seat, you don't have to worry about that. There are partitions on the left and right sides of the comfort seat ...

There is also a USB socket at the bottom of the armrest that allows you to charge your smartphone. There is no additional charge for comfort seats, so you can sit at the same rate as both elbow seats.

The last row of the screen is a 'high grade sheet' that requires an additional charge of 1000 yen including tax.

High-grade seats also come with a free welcome drink. There is a movable table on the seat, so even if you order sweets such as popcorn with a drink, you do not have to worry about where to put it.

When a person sits on a high-grade seat, it looks like this.

The high-grade seat has a high seating surface, so only people with a very large physique can touch the floor ...

With electric reclining, the footrests are lifted and the backrests fall back a little at the same time, so you can watch movies comfortably without being in an unreasonable posture.

The high-grade seat has the same USB socket as the comfort seat, and ...

There is also a light that illuminates your hand.

Also, since the partition of the high-grade seat can be pushed down, it seems that it is okay to eliminate the partition when sitting next to a person who does not need anti-flying measures such as family members.

Inside the screen, a disinfectant deodorizer '

Giaino ', which is said to be effective against viruses, was installed.

Looking at the video screen from the left end of the last row of both elbow seats, which is one row in front of the high-grade seats, it looks like this. Since there is a space between the seats due to the partition, it seems that the situation that 'I can not see anything with the head of the person in front' that tends to occur when sitting in the back seat can be avoided. Since it is far from the screen, I get the impression that it is a seat where you can enjoy the reaction of other customers at the same time as the entire screen.

This is the video screen seen from the right end of the front row. In addition to the problem that the neck hurts when sitting in the front row, there are cases where 'when sitting on the edge, the angle is too tight to see the image properly', but in this case you can watch from the edge of the front row without problems. I think I can do it.

The video screen of a general movie theater has

a small hole called perforation , but the video screen of Ciatas Shinsaibashi uses a 'Severson screen' without holes, so clear video expression is possible. That is.

I couldn't experience it because I didn't actually watch the movie, but it is said that the 'coaxial system' that can output the combined sound of the entire range is adopted for all screens. The fee is 1800 yen including tax for the general public, 1500 yen including tax for university students, 1000 yen including tax for high school students and younger, and an additional fee of 1000 yen including tax will be charged only for high-grade seats. On the other hand, the comfort seats in the front row can be used for the same price as the double elbow seats, so if you want to watch a movie on a normal screen, I felt that it is recommended to lie down on the comfort seat and watch the movie.

◆ Aeon Cinema's finest screen 'Grand Theater'
Screen 7 of Theatus Shinsaibashi is the 'Grand Theater', which is the highest-class theater with 9 seats, and the inside looks like this. The video screen looks bigger because the number of seats is small and it is compact. It is not available for preschoolers, so it is also important to be able to immerse yourself in the movie quietly.

All the seats in the Grand Theater were made of high-quality leather, and the seats were spacious.

In addition, the footrest and backrest of the Grand Theater seat can be moved separately, so ...

You can watch the movie in any posture you like.

In addition, the Grand Theater is equipped with 'Dolby Atmos, ' which has nearly twice as many speakers as a normal screen, making it possible to express sound in a more three-dimensional manner. When I actually watched the test video for about 5 minutes, the 'sound movement' of the scene where the engine of the sports car roared and crossed the field of view and the bird fluttered overhead was realistically reproduced.

The viewing fee for the Grand Theater is 4000 yen including tax, and welcome drinks and sweets are also included free of charge. In addition, staff will come to pick up your order before the screening, so you can order additional meals and drinks there.

◆ Food / drink menu
The food and drink menu that can be ordered in the lobby looks like this. In addition to soft drinks, there is also beer as alcohol.

I was able to see a part of the menu in real life. At Theatas Shinsaibashi, in addition to

the regular menu of Aeon Cinema ...

You can also order mixed nuts and chocolate, which are the original menu of Ciatas Shinsaibashi.

Theitas Shinsaibashi will open on Tuesday, March 16, 2021. As the opening work, Disney's latest work '

Raya and the Last Dragon ', which was released on March 5, will be screened, so 'Watch Disney's latest work with confidence in a movie theater with thorough epidemic prevention measures. If you want to go, please come visit us.

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