'Solace' in which the film of bubbles creates huge walls shining rainbow colors one after another

The reason why soap bubbles look like rainbow color is that light reflected on the surface of the film interferes with light reflected on the inner surface,Because light is more emphasizedHowever, art that keeps making walls made of rainbow-colored film using such bubbles without interruption is "Solace"is.

Nicky Assmann

It looks like a screen in a movie theater, but this is "solace".

Because it is a bubble, it will be quick to break. It is a momentary beauty.

The film keeps painting colorful and complex patterns without stopping even at one time.

The picture actually making a huge wall with bubble film is from below.

Nicky Assmann on "Solace" - YouTube

There is liquid of bubbles at the bottom of the equipment, and as the machine slowly raises the rod ......

The area of ​​the membrane gradually widens, and the wall is made with the membrane of the bubble in the space.

The color of the film decreases greenish and changes to red.

Then another rod in front will also slowly rise.

The state of the bubble liquid running downwards and downwards in the film behind.

In this way, the two rods alternately rise and fall, so that it continues to make the membrane of the bubble.

The audience can see the change in the color of the film as if watching the sunset.

This work was made by Dutch artist Nicky Assmann.

Nicky Assmann just graduated from a Dutch art school. At the school I majored in art science.

"Solace" was her graduation work.

The concept of Nicky Assmann's work is "wearable space (space that you can learn)".

Her theme is "How the human body relates to space", and "solace", where a film which disappears quickly will create space for a moment is one such answer.

Also, in this way, light is applied from the front of the membrane,

The fantastic light is also reflected on the wall on the back.

It is difficult to make such a huge membrane shining like an aurora at home,ColoredSoap bubbles andWith carbon dioxideSoap bubbles can be played easily, so occasionallyI will return to my childhoodIt might be good.

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