Twitter froze a new extreme right account & discovered that hundreds of thousands of bots were tweeting in the presidential election

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On the same day Twitter changed the mute function and reporting system against "harassing act" infested by the service, a new right wing from the Internet of the United States "Altana right wingI found out that the account was closed. Also, 400,000 bots have tweeted about elections in the presidential election, and 75% of them also tweeted content that supports Mr. Trump.

Twitter suspends alt-right accounts

The alternate right wing, raised from discussions on conservative web media, bulletin boards, SNS etc.,NeteyoIt is a group of political thought that is positioned as. Being the godfather of this Alternana right wing, the representative conversationist is a person named Richard B. Spencer, who previously said that "Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, Judaists want you to leave America"RemarkI have done it.

According to the American newspaper USA Today, Twitter froze Spencer's official account "@ Richard BSpencer" on the same day that announced measures against harassment. In addition, Mr. Spencer reportedly froze a large number of accounts related to Alternan right wing.

When actually checking Mr. Spencer's official account, it was displayed as "frozen account".

Mr. Spencer told the frozen account, "The reparation to the right wing of Altana took place, Twitter accused Twitter on the grounds of the user's thinking." Matt Heimbraak, a whiteist, showed the attitude of blaming Twitter's behavior that it is an act of blaspheming the freedom of speech.

Twitter has frozen 125,000 accounts related to ISIL in the past in a stroke, but the number of frozen accounts in this measure seems to be the largest after one case of ISIL.

However, although there was a warning from the altar that the account was not frozen although receiving a warning to delete the past extreme remarks, it is unknown what kind of delineation the freezing of this account was made.

In addition, as for Twitter, it was found that 400,000 bots posted content on presidential election on Twitter in a report published the day before the vote of the presidential election in the United States. Of the 400,000 bots, 75% of the bots actually tweeted content that supports Mr. Donald Trump, who won the election.

Social bots distort the 2016 U.S. Presidential election online discussion | Bessi | First Monday

According to researchers at the University of Southern California who created the report, many users tend to read and retweet without looking up the information sources of tweets, retweet tweets by Bot regardless of the authenticity of the contents That's right. Although it is said that Bot has high influence because it frequently tweets compared to general users, regarding the influence on election results, "It is difficult to clarify the direct impact on election results" I did not speak to him.

On Facebook, false posting on the presidential election indicates that the engagement rate was higher than posts with the correct informationdataAlso came out. Users who use SNS may need to closely examine the information so as not to be distracted by bot tweets or false posts.

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