The lost Kirby game will be safely archived for the future

There are many organizations and organizations that archive film movies, paintings, cultural assets such as web pages, etc. in future generations to the world. Regarding games, there is also an organization that stores software that became difficult to obtain in the same way, one of themVideo Game History FoundationHowever, the game "Kirby's toy boxWe were able to archive successfully.

These SNES-era Kirby games were considered lost until this week | Ars Technica

"Kirby's toy box" is a peripheral device of Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemSatellite viewIt was delivered in 1996 for the game. Satellite view is a device that connects to Super Nintendo and receives satellite data broadcasting service for Super Nintendo Entertainment. It was not widely popular due to the necessity of a BS broadcast receiver to use it and the appearance of next generation game machines such as PlayStation and Sega Saturn.

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Nintendo, the provider of satellite data broadcasting service for Super Nintendo, decided to terminate the data broadcasting business, and the supply of programs from Nintendo was terminated on March 31, 1999. After that, the service was continued with the name changed to St. Giga satellite data broadcasting, but the service was terminated on June 30, 2000.

Because the service has ended, the game delivered for Satella View remains only in the cartridge of the user who owned Satella View. Also, since Satellaview was sold only in Japan, it is very difficult for the Video Game History Foundation to acquire and archive games for Satellite view.

"Kirby's toy box" delivered for such a satellite view contains ten kinds of mini-games, but each mini-game was delivered separately, so Max's game of difficulty acquiring. However, Frank Cifaldi, founder of the Video Game History Foundation, uploaded a comment on Twitter saying "I got three Kirby toy boxes mini games." Cifaldi leaves a comment that "It was a miracle that we could get three mini-games from one seller".

Video Game History Foundation succeeded in archiving a total of four mini games by bidding down one more mini games in an auction that bought out three kinds of mini games. There seems to be more games for Satellite view which can not be archived, but this time it was very useful for future generations as well as the Video Game History Foundation.

A game delivered via the Internet service is said to be very difficult to obtain because once the service is terminated, it is stored only on the hardware of the user who owns the game. However, the Video Game History Foundation is going to do its utmost to acquire all kinds of games in future and preserve it for the future.

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