A fierce man appears to show "Nyan Cat" on the new MacBook Pro's Touch Bar

It was announced on 27th October 2016New MacBook ProNewly adopted in "Touch Bar"Is an interface that allows you to more intuitively and quickly manipulate software used by users. On the Touch Bar, the lyrics became popular due to somehow being addictive though the lyrics were just "consecutive" "Nya", shining in 2011 "5th largest number of plays in the world" on YouTube The total number of views exceeded 100 million times That "Nyan Cat"The fiercest soldier who appeared.

Nyan Cat on MacBook Pro's TouchBar - YouTube

In the movie you start up Nyan Cat on the MacBook's Dock ......

Nyan Cat appears on the screen,That light melodyWill begin to flow.

Apparently, the MacBook used in the demo movie looks like a non-Touch Bar model, but instead of being able to display the Touch Bar on the Mac screen "TouchBarDemoAppBy using such software, you will see how Nyan Cat will appear on the Touch Bar.

Before the rainbow-colored line stretched ...

I have Nyan Cat.

"Touchbar Nyancat" which can display Nyan Cat on the Touch BarGitHubIt is published on the above, you can see and download source code.

GitHub - avatsaev / touchbar_nyancat: Stupid nyancat animation on your + $ 2k MacBook Pro's Touchbar

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