"Wiiminder" to realize tabbed browser with Wii

The Wii browser (Opera for Wii) has no tab function, but the site "wiiminder" to realize it has appeared. It seems that YouTube actually shows tabbed browsing using this "wiiminder", and it works as it is.

So, I attempted to gather the sites that I am working hard to achieve pseudo tab browsing with Wii.
First off from "wiiminder". It seems like it will be available automatically when accessing via the Wii browser. When accessing from a personal computer, the movie being used is displayed instead.


Below is the introduction movie on YouTube.

YouTube - Introducing Wiiminder: Enhanced Wii Browsing

There is also a pseudo tab browser made in Japan. There are also attempts to see and play on YouTube and 2 chan from Wii and it is quite interesting.

Welcome wakufactory channel

There are other things like this. I use Flash. It can also be used from a personal computer.

Wii Tabs

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