What is the "pirate party" that has made a breakthrough in the Third Party in the Icelandic general election?


Iceland "Pirate partyThere is a party that was established by members of Wikileaks, who gave a name. Although it was able to be completed in November 2012 and its history is still about four years, he gained three seats in the general election in April 2013 for half a year from the party. And in the general election held in October 2016, we won ten seats and we are making a breakthrough to the third party.

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The first 'Pirate Party' was made in Sweden on January 1, 2006 by programmers Riccardo Falcwinge et al. Mr. FalkwingeCommodore VIC-20Since I came to touch the PC from my friends and I had the opportunity to exchange tapes among friends and had a "copy party" held, in the autumn of 2005, "liberalization of private copy / file sharing" Shortening the period of copyright protection "," abolishing patents in fields such as pharmaceuticals ", and we formed a party with the Pirate Party.

The Swedish Pirate Party gathered 0.63% of the votes in the general election in 2006 and showed a presence, similarly building a cooperative relationship with political parties who showed understanding about copyright issues. In the 2009 European parliamentary election, he won one seat out of the 18 seats allocated to Sweden. In April 2009 it is believed that the founders of the Torrent search site "The Pirate Bay" were convicted by copyright infringement assistance, which pushed the pirate party.

When a pirate party is born in Sweden, the pirate party is born one after another in other countries, as inspired by the move. For example, the German Pirate Party, which was formed in September 2006, did not secure seats in the September 2009 general election, but achieved a vote rate of 2% to receive subsidies from the country. In the Berlin City Council election held in September 2011, we won 15 seats with a vote rate of 8.9%.

The Iceland Pirate Party was founded on November 24, 2012. Early from the early on, such as winning three seats in the general election in April 2013, its presence is big, and in the survey of 2015Participation rate No. 1 partyIt was.

In Iceland,"Panama document" revealed in April 2016In the polls conducted after this exposure, the fact that Prime Minister Gunroygson and his wife had accumulated while the country was suffering from the financial crisis was exposed, 43% of all voters were in the piracy party I was told that I was collecting support.

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There is also this trend, and also expectation that the pirate party is expected to further extend the seats in this general election, becoming the first party.

"Pirate party" first party = = vote of the Icelandic general election: current affairs dot com

When I opened the lid, the vote rate of the Pirate Party was 14.5% and ranked third with 10 seats in the number of seats and it became a breakthrough alongside the second party · Left wing environment movement.

Professor Ragnheithur Kristjansdottir (Political History) at the University of Iceland said, "The distrust that had accumulated for a long time has exploded," the Pirate Party "is riding that wave." According to the professor, these new parties have existed before, but the surprising point of the pirate party is that "keeping the momentum still".

A pirate party making a leap forward in the form of disbelief and dissatisfaction with traditional politics. Compared to the time, it is said that the momentum across Europe has declined, but the result of the election in Iceland this time may also give momentum to the pirate party of other countries.

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