Evidence movies that broke HD DVD encryption appeared on YouTube

Software called "BackupHDDVD" appeared at the end of last year, but it seems that the file which backed up by breaking the HD DVD encryption actually with this software is circulating in P2P file sharing "BitTorrent". And, it seems that YouTube has released a thing that seems to be reproduced without problems with a software DVD player such as Power DVD compatible with HD DVD playback.

Playback is from the following.
YouTube - HD-DVD in action

YouTube - HD - DVD in action The Chronicles Of Riddick.

This issue is also reported on the following blog.

First pirated HD DVD movie hits BitTorrent

And so it starts: First real HD DVD rip up on torrent sites.

It seems that it is circulating around like this

The details of "Backup HDVD" which seems to be used at this time are detailed below.

Slashdot Japan | HD-DVD was decrypted?

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