YouTube's illegal movie prohibition system is scheduled to start operation in September, quality equivalent to FBI

According to what YouTube's current management company, Google announced in the trial, it is planned to implement a system that prevents copyright violation video from being uploaded to YouTube this September. This technology is adopted by FBIFingerprint(Fingerprint) authentication technology at the same level. That is, the accuracy is quite high.

The details of the already introduced illegal video upload prohibition system are as follows.
YouTube video - fingerprinting due in September | The Register

There are two types of illegal video upload prohibition systems currently introduced, first one.

How to use "content verification program" to request mass removal to YouTube - GIGAZINE

And the other oneHash valueProhibited reloading system by. When the same file as the file deleted by the deletion request is uploaded, it seems to automatically play the same hash value.

By the way, the system which is planned to be introduced from September is a revolutionary system that automatically judges and deletes it without having to ask YouTube to delete it. How does it work? Is the accuracy really high ...? If I erase mistakenly irrelevant movies, I feel that reliability will be damaged at once. Or are you concerned about introducing this system at once, people are going to go down and shift to another video sharing site ......?

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