A new AACS decryption code that HD DVD / BD can be copied appears again

AACSIs a collective term for the mechanism of copyright protection used in HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc. It seems that the latest version of the media (processing) key used for releasing it has been released on the net again.Troublesome things that have been published beforeAlthough it was supposed to be, it has finally revealed a full-fledged aspect of ... ... what on earth will it become?

So this time details and future expectations are as follows.
New Processing Key found !! (MKB v3 is now open) - Doom 9's Forum

The meaning of this key is explained in the following article in great detail in detail.

How can HD DVD / BD be copied? The actual situation of AACS descrambling problem - AV Trends by Masakazu Honda

The AACS cryptosystem is very solid, and even if you search for keys randomly, there is little chance of finding the right answer by chance. I could only unravel the cipher because the secret key was available this time, not the cryptosystem itself was destroyed.

So it does not mean that there is a big influence immediately, but it is also a fact that some of the titles that have already circulated will become releasable. And if one person releases it and uses the file sharing software etc. to keep it running, it will continue to circulate indefinitely, so it is no longer a "fatal injury" but it is a definite situation that it will be perfectly toppled.

As for the key that was discovered in February 2007 last time, HD DVD and Blu - ray Disc that will not be able to use it have started shipping around April 2007, but in this case Even though I tried to prevent it from being broken by the previous key so much, it has become possible to cancel again ... .... As an anticipation of the future flow it will be like this.

A key is discovered

HD DVD and Blu-ray Discs before key discovery will be released one by one

New AACS appearance so that keys can not be used

A key corresponding to a new AACS is discovered

HD DVD and Blu-ray Discs before the discovery of the new key will be released one by one

New AACS appearance so that new keys can not be used

(It continues endlessly below)

Considering the case of the past DVD, in the process of this flow, free software which makes it easy to "release" is developed, and as the version upgrade is repeated, in the end it almost finally becomes "release → copy "It will be able to do, and it will have a lifetime completely ...,.

In addition, we can understand properly about the current flow, such as the last disturbance and the upsurge of the last time, by reading the following in order.

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