The encryption of HD DVD and Blu-ray has finally been completely broken down

A hacker named "arnezami" is used in the decoding process of AACS DRM used for HD DVD and Blu-ray in famous overseas forum (so-called bulletin board) I have found a key. As a result, until now all the processes that had been individually decrypted will be flying all over, enabling decryption to be released in a blink of an eye in a blink of an eye.

Moreover, it seems that "BackupHDDVD" and "BackupBluray" have already been upgraded in response to this result already. the detail is right below.
Processing Key, Media Key and Volume ID found !!! - Page 6 - Doom 9's Forum

It was not hacked, not cracked, nor reverse-engineering, "arnezami" is a chance to follow the movement on the memory when HD DVD and Blu-ray are loaded into memory and played It is the point that I found the key.

Well, is it important to wonder whether this will make encryption of HD DVD and Blu-ray even more powerful, or will it continue as it is?

In the case of the past, that is, in the case of DVD, there is a precedent that sales have begun to increase on the contrary after it became clear that the encryption was able to completely break through. Whether there was an Early Adapter that judged that it became possible to purchase with confidence as it was found that it can be backed up whether it is the result of simply becoming popular, the exact reason is not certain.

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