Access to the website that released the decryption key of HD DVD is inundated

Previously at GIGAZINEThe encryption of HD DVD and Blu-ray was finally completely broken downAlthough I mentioned about that, access to the site which released the key for decrypting the HD DVD software that was released so far has rushed to and received a big reaction. If you use this key anything, it seems that it will be possible to enjoy decoded HD DVD even on Linux and so on.

Although this key has been kept secret so far, the people who made it publicly stated that "they are not to be legally protected by being disclosed."

Details are as follows.
This is a site list that is published. Often it is heavy and can not be seen.

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09 F 9 11 02 9 D 74 E 3 5 B D 8 41 56 C 5 63 56 88 C 0 - The Pirate Bay

It has appeared in Wikipedia as soon as possible.

HD DVD - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"Encryption Key LeakPlease see the item of ".

That is, the keyword "09 F 9 11 02 9 D 74 E 3 5 B D 8 41 56 C 5 63 56 88 C 0Do you mean that we can even understand?

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