Mozilla announces next generation web engine "Project Quantum" to make Firefox explode


The web engine (rendering engine) is a program that depicts characters and images so that anyone can understand pages written in a language for web pages, such as speed of browser operation and execution speed of web applications, It is an important factor in a comfortable browser experience. Firefox has adopted the company's "Gecko" as a rendering engine, but the rendering engine "Project Quantum"Was announced from Mozilla of the developer and finally renewed engine generation change will come.

Mozilla Quantum: New Browser Engine Based On Servo / Rust For Firefox - Phoronix

Project Quantum announced by Mozilla is a programming language "Rust"And a concurrent processing type rendering engine"ServoIt is a rendering engine based on.

Rust is a programming language announced in 2010 and released in May 2015 of the product version of Rust 1.0, it can perform high-speed parallel processing while maintaining thread and memory security, and in August 2016 ReleasedFirefox 48Incorporated Rust rewritten media server. Servo is a concurrent processing type rendering engine, and Servo components are gradually adopted in Quantum.


According to Mozilla, replacing Gecko with Project Quantum will speed up page loading, smooth scrolling, faster animation and application responses. It also allows you to process intensive content by maintaining a constant frame rate.

The Project Quantum starts with replacing Gecko's main engine elements that are beneficial from parallelization and offloading to GPUs and will be available by 2017. Firefox engineer David Bryant said, "I am quite confident that Quantum can deliver dramatically improved performance."

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