Why can the animation 'South Park' become extremely steamier?

Anime"South Park"Including radical depictions and social satire, it is highly valued such as receiving the Emmy Award. There are also works in which extreme expression disappears as time goes by the extreme expressions become a problem in the animation, but the South Park is the reverse, the expression is extreme than the beginning when the animation began. A movie is released about the relationship between "words" used in South Park and "censorship", why South Park becomes extreme.

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These two people made South Park.Tray · ParkerWith Mr.Matt StoneMr. These two people get to know each other at college, and then they will be making movies together.

In 1992 and 1995, the two produced different animations of the same title "The Spirit of Christmas".

The 1992 film witnessed four boy fighting with a snowman and Jesus Christ infantified.

And the animation released in 1995 was a fight for Christmas by Santa Claus and the growing Jesus Christ. This animation became a viral hit work before YouTube appeared.

This hit triggered Mr. Parker and Mr. Stone to be hired by "Comedy Central", a television station dealing with comedy.

And on August 13, 1997, South Park's memorable 1st episode "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe (CARTMAN, Flame Hun Shoot from Butt)" will be broadcast. Initially, animation moves a stationary object little by little for each frame and shoots with the camerastop-motionAlthough it was produced in South Park, South Park will be made as 3D animation afterwards.

What is used in the production of South ParkMayaSoftware called. Characters are made with the technique of first scanning thick pulp paper and making models in Maya.

Thanks to this distinctive production style, in South Park, unlike general animations such as Simpsons, an atmosphere that can be said as a chewy motion cheep is being caught.

One of the features of South Park's work is "to criticize" every problem. Criticism against one problem is often done from a specific direction, but in the case of South Park, we criticize from every direction anyway.

The world created by Mr. Parker and Mr. Stone never goes to either side of the two, and no agenda exists either. Just there is humor and frankness.

For example, in terms of politics, their targets will not remain only in the Conservative Party, but all will be targeted, either conservative, democratic, rightward, leftward, or in between.

Also, South Park is also characterized by simplifying what actually happens, converting the problem into a format that is easy to understand.

And by looking at the world from the eyes of the four children, we make these events feel "relevant to ourselves" to young viewers.

South ParkFederal Communications CommissionIt is also known as the first animation designated as "MA (for adults)" from the Federal Circuit Association (FCC).

The FCC is a word often spoken when censorship comes up to the agenda. However, since FCC basically does not control membership content, satellite broadcastingPay-per-viewContent will be subject to self-imposed restrictions by the standard and custom of the local station.

The standards and customs of each television station are censored only when there is pressure from the advertiser mainly because there is broadcast prohibition term etc. in the contents.

At this time, since advertisement effect is basically higher for family / friendly contents, advertisers want to advertise those contents.

But there are exceptions.

In 1997, Comedy Central's most expensive advertisement space was $ 7,500 (about 790,000 yen), but after a few months after the South Park was broadcast, the advertisement space of South Park was $ 30,000 (about 3.16 million yen) It jumped up to.

In other words, there is nothing to stop the runaway of South Park which is broadcasted on the cable television channel and has extremely high value in the advertisement space.

Therefore, from now on, it seems that the contents of season 1 and 2 were relatively "quiet". A woman standing on stage ......

I open my feet for the audience and start ping-pong.

However, as seen from the front this street. It was a healthy scene that was not particularly irritating.

However, as time goes by, the South Park becomes more and more radical and the mosaic will be applied to scenes where women open their feet the same way.

In the early South Park that was quiet from now on, there are aspects that gradually expanded the range of words allowed on television. For example, on the word "Pussy (cat / female pub)".

In 2014, "I can say the word" dick (penis) "in comedy central but it is strange that" pussy "can not be said"Pussy has been excluded from censorship by Comedy CentralThat was news.

However, prior to that, pussy was consecutively called from the episodes of 1998 and 2001 in South Park.

The times have changed and now the word "pussy" is also used in CNN news. The sense of the general people's language is constantly evolving, but South Park has pushed people's acceptance level for vulgar content.

You can also see the fluctuation of the word censored from animation. For example, the word "Goddamn" that Kyle speaks in a certain episode was taboo several decades ago, but it is said in ordinary animations as natural.

On the other hand, in the same episode, a taboo word called "shit" was picked up, and the form was taken to be spoken many times in the story. This is an episode in 2001, but shit was a broadcast prohibition term until 1999, two years ago.

In addition, the word "fuck" that was being made into a sentence like "f ○ ○ king shit" ...

It also became consecutive with the flow of time.

There are few programs that you can see so far the changes in the words allowed by the general public. In that sense, also meaning that South Park is one of the most important TV programs in terms of mature viewers with respect to words.

Sometimes it is said that "South Park has lost sharpness" ... ...

There is also the aspect that the society watching South Park has grown. What has been considered extreme in the past has become invisible as the permissible level of people rises.

In 1952, an actressLucille BallIt was forbidden to use the word "pregnancy" on television. The term pregnancy was regarded as vulgar. However, now that the standard of "what makes people uncomfortable" changes, pregnancy words are not considered vulgar. The same thing will happen from now on.

According to the report of the FCC, complaints and requests from consumers tend to decrease. In addition, in the graph below, only 2004 is due to Janet Jackson exposing the breast when he appeared in the Super Bowl's half time show.

The whole thing can be said that the tolerance range of South Park is getting increasingly more visual and linguistic. Episode "WHERE HAS MY COUNTRY GONE?" (Where did my country go?) ...

It was the content that Donald Trump which became President of Canada was brought to Mr. Garrison, it was raped, eventually leading to death.

Although quite radical video was allowed, on the other hand, the word "fuck" is erased with self-regulated sound in the remarks of the character who talks about the incident later.

As I was at the beginning, South Park has become a unique animation with a cheap atmosphere, the movement of sexual act is also far from reality. For that reason, it is permissible for images to be quite radical, but on the other hand the word "fuck" does not change its shape depending on animation. Therefore, regulation is done to the language.

Many words such as "cunt (female pubes)" "dick" have been denied so far as the word "pregnancy" was forbidden once. However, censorship does not protect children. A child who gained knowledge without being informed of the essence of "what is it" thinks "I want to know more". Censorship for releasing bad words from children simply makes them more curious.

You should understand it when you see boys in South Park.

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