The original animation "Mecha Ude - MECHANICAL ARMS -" fighting with the third "Machine Arm" with boys and girls is willing to recruit production costs at Cloud Funding

"In one corner of this world"Or"Shen Mu 3"Increasing examples of gathering animation and game production costs at the cloud funding site are increasing, such as. Animation production studio in FukuokaTriF StudioIs also looking for investment with Kickstarter at the cloud funding site, and about 25 minutes original animation "Mecha Ude - MECHANICAL ARMS -I'm recruiting the production cost of.

MECHA-UDE: Japanese Animation by Sae Okamoto with Oort - Kickstarter

You can find out about mecha wrestling who is seeking investment by seeing the following movie.

"Mecha Ude - MECHANICAL ARMS -" is an original animation project by TriF Studio belonging to Anime Creator Okamoto.

One boy who covered the hood.

Something flying orange will come down there ... ...

I shimmely shoot with a boy's food.

Falling steel frame

From the hood ......

Machine's arms appeared.

A girl nestling on the roof ... ...

A boy looking at it from behind. Even from this boy things like machine arms are stretching.

The boy will strike the girl ... ...

Two arms emerge from the girl's skirt.

Machine arms hidden in various places, and some people treat multiple books by themselves.

A little bad guy.

With a flashy effect ......

You can also have flashy actions.

Mechanowe is an animation work produced by Okamoto of TriF Studio.

Initially it started as an independent production work, but in order to make this work better, I asked for Kickstarter 's creative expenses at the cloud funding site.

The story is that a 16-year-old ordinary boys who is one day encounter a machine arm "Mechan Wu" with will and will fight with boys and girls who met mecha wood in the same way. The main part of animation is about to be about 25 minutes in length.

Various setting images.

Mechan udde this is lurking in the hero's hood.

The presence of the third arm seems to enable unique actions that can not be done normally.

The heroine hands out two arms out of the skirt.

Boys and girls using Mechanowe.

And unlike the protagonist, there are rivals that treat mechaide as a thing rather than as a friend.

Mr. Okamoto said in four years ago in 2012 "11: 08I made an animation called "Animation" and released it. The response to this work is more than I imagined, and animation production started with a hobby became my own work, and I had a big impact on Mr. Okamoto's life. However, at the same time "fear" for creating new works came to be born. after that,Apartment complex TOHOYaKingdomHe was involved in the creation of various animations and started making the project of "Mecha Ude - MECHANICAL ARMS -" to step further as an animation creator.

Tether movies of Mecha Ude are also released on YouTube. It is December 27, 2014 that the movie was released, so you can see that the production of Mecha Ude started long ago.

[Autonomous animation] Mecha Ude - MECHANICAL ARMS - 【Special News】 - YouTube

This is the latest version of promotional movie. The image itself is almost the same as what was published in 2014.

Mechan udde - mechanical arms - | Promotion Video - YouTube

We have also started official Twitter account, we are tweeting on 16th October celebrating the achievement of the target amount.

In addition, it is a community site such as illustration, manga, novelPixivHowever, there are several published illustrations related to mecha udde.

Popular illustration and manga / picture of 'Mecha Ude' | pixiv

Meku Ude who is now looking for investment with Kickstarter has already collected $ 33,000 (about 3.4 million yen) over the target price of 25,000 dollars (about 2.6 million yen).

Investment plans are as follows.

$ 5 (about 520 yen):Special message & special wallpaper
$ 25 (about 2600 yen, limited to 300 frames):Benefit of + 5 dollars for downloading right of mecha wood main part + credit of investor's name in main part
$ 29 (about 3000 yen):Same as above
$ 65 (about 6800 yen):Blu-ray or DVD version of Mechaude + $ 25 Benefits
$ 115 (approx. 12,000 yen, limited to 300 frames):Blu-ray or DVD and Original Soundtrack, Box with Set of Settings + $ 65 Benefits
$ 125 (approx. 13,000 yen):Same as above
$ 300 (about 31,000 yen):Original Parker + $ 125 Benefits
1000 dollars (about 100,000 yen):Original figure + 300 dollars award
$ 10,000 (approx. 1 million yen, limited to 30 frames):Participation in Private Screening in Japan, A2 size poster of your favorite characters (with autograph by Mr. Okamoto) + $ 1,000 Benefits
$ 10,000 (approx. 1 million yen, limited to 3 frames):Dinner with Mr. Okamoto, A2 size poster of my favorite character (autographed by Mr. Okamoto) + $ 1,000 benefits

The deadline for investing in Mechanowe is 23:00 on 5th November 2016.

MECHA-UDE: Japanese Animation by Sae Okamoto with Oort - Kickstarter

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