"SunsetScreen" which restores peaceful sleep by automatically adjusting the color temperature and brightness of the monitor by time for free

Emitted from the display of the digital terminal, such as PC or smartphoneBlue light, "Sleeping hormone"MelatoninIt is known to inhibit the secretion of sleep disorders. Even on the iPhone in March of 2016 "Night Shift"A mode to cut the blue light called" Blue Light "has appeared newly, so measures against blue light at night are attracting attention, but such blue light countermeasures are automatically adjusted according to the color temperature and brightness of the PC screen What you can do naturally by "SunsetScreen"is.

SunsetScreen: Wind down in the evening properly

"SunsetScreen" is software for Windows which can be used for free, and the corresponding OS isXP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10is. To install, please jump to the URL above and click "Download SunsetScreen" in the middle of the page.

Click "Save file".

When the download is completed, start up the downloaded setup file.

If security warning appears, click "execute".

The installer will start, so click "Next".

Click "Next".

Click "Install".

Click "Finish" to finish installation.

SunsetScreen is started when installation is completed. This is the setting screen of SunsetScreen.

"Sunrise time (sunrise time)" displayed at the top. By clicking the arrow to the right of the displayed time, you can adjust the display of the sunrise time in minutes.

By clicking the arrow to the left of the displayed time, you can adjust the display at sunrise time.

Below that "Delay until sunset (time to sunset)" can be set. In the following screenshot, "6:00 PM" is displayed, so it is sunset time at 6 PM.

Furthermore, the color temperature and brightness of the PC screen are slowly changing using the set time in "Transition phase (transition time)" displayed under it. When you click "select" in the red frame part ... ...

Time can be changed. The time that can be set is 5 stages, the slowest change is 120 minutes of "Tortoise".

The fastest is the 0 minute of "Instant".

In the "Night Color" tab below, you can set the color temperature and brightness of the PC screen after the set sunset time. By clicking the red frame part, you can read out the color temperature and brightness settings prepared in advance. By default, the color temperature is set to 4100 K after sunset, and even if you click the "Default" button the color temperature will be 4100 K.

The default PC screen color temperature when using SunsetScreen etc. is not 6600K.

The color temperature 4100 K which was the recommended setting after sunset looks like this. Although the whole screen gets slightly reddish, it will become usable for as long as several tens of minutes the eyes become accustomed and can use the PC without discomfort.

It is also possible to adjust the color temperature by moving the slide bar in the "Sunset color" part.

By clicking the "Day Color" tab, you can set the color temperature and brightness of the PC screen during the time period from sunrise to sunset.

Furthermore, clicking "HSB sliders" at the bottom left of the screen ... ...

You can set the appearance of the PC screen by brightness, saturation, hue, not color temperature and brightness.

In addition, when you started up for the first time, the "Brightness" and "Saturation" slide bars were unusable, but once you restart your PC you can adjust all the settings.

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