Documentary film "Before the Flood" covering the environment by DiCaprio with climate change environmental problems

A documentary movie that is a keen environmentalist and leader of Leonardo DiCaprio, the UN peace ambassador in charge of climate change in the United Nations "Before the FloodThe trailer of "Hello! At Before the Flood focusing on environmental problems caused by climate change, DiCaprio himself visits the field where environmental problems are deteriorating and he is doing coverage per capita, in addition to DiCaprio President Obama and Earon Mask , Papal papers such as Francisco and others have appeared.

Postscript: After that, the full story was released on YouTube.

Climate Change Documentary Produced By Leonardo Di Caprio - National Geographic

The contents of Before the Flood can be confirmed from the following trailer movie.

Before the Flood - Trailer | National Geographic - YouTube

Environmental problems such as global warming have been topics all over the world since 50 years ago.

Before the Flood has been interviewed by scientists themselves working on climate change themselves and by interviewing scenic sites affected by climate change and deeply acquiring climate change.

DiCaprio seems to have been noticed how much influence humans have on climate change and that he knew little about the actual environmental problems in progressing the survey.

We are also investigating even in the Arctic that it is deeply affected by global warming.

DiCaprio can not hide surprises on the huge ice that collapses in front of you.

"The natural environment is getting worse and it has been destroyed."

It is said that the cause is generated from human's ordinary life.

"I wanted to know how worse the climate change problem is, and what we can do for this problem."

"The United States is a country with a very large amount of greenhouse gas emissions, which is considered to be the main cause of global warming."

"The United States is a country that is clung to fuel, a scientist who tells DiCaprio that our country is investing more solar power than the United States."

"There are a lot of government officials who do not believe the impact of climate change"

DiCaprio who asks "Why do you oppose studies trying to solve climate change problems?"

A scientist answers, "I think that the reason is politics."

In January 2015, American senator James Inhofe said, "The climate is changing due to human power is a very thoughtful way of thinking," he says. Climate change is not caused by human beings, To the effect thatRemarkI did it.

DiCaprio also conducted a survey in Beijing where air pollution is progressing.

Also,I called a horn to call for global warming and environmental problemsIt also has talks with Francisco Pope, which also includes its appearance.

In addition, Mr. Earon Mask of Tesla Motors, etc. who advances research on sustainable energy to protect the global environment appeared.

DiCaprio makes a speech appealing environmental problems at the United Nations conference.

"Politicians do what the citizens want to do to politicians, so if you show the public that politicians want to do with environmental problems, the politicians who had been reluctant to easily You should work on it. "

President Obama also appeared in the documentary.

President Obama commented that "If we can continue to work without giving up on this problem, we should find a solution."

A documentary film "Before The Flood" that DiCaprio closes to environmental problems caused by climate change such as global warming will be released in the United States on October 21, 2016, but disclosure in Japan is undecided.

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The full story is released on the YouTube National Geographic Official Channel. As of November 1st 10 o'clock, the momentum is whether the number of views should approach 2.6 million.

Before the Flood - Full Movie | National Geographic - YouTube

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