Movie that the cooling tower collapses due to the explosive dismantling of the Richborough power station

The movies that clearly recorded how the huge cooling tower, which is a symbol of the power station, collapsed one after another by explosion disassembly has been uploaded one after another to YouTube. This is the situation of the explosive dissolution of a thermal power plant in Richborough (Richborough, Richborough) in Kent State, England on March 11, local time, many people visited the situation and was turning the camera It was.

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The Richborough thermal power plant was constructed by the Central Electricity Generating Board (CEGB) in the 1950s. Initially in operation in 1962, it was a 342 MW power plant fueled by coal from Kent and surrounding coal fields, but in 1971 it was transformed into a power plant with oil as fuel, and in 1989Water emulsion fuel (Orimulsion)Switching to electricity generation by. However, concern over the environmental effect of Orimulsion increased, so we decided to stop driving in 1996. When stopped it was a 360 MW power plant.

The facility remained as part of the landscape for a long time, but the explosion was dismantled at 9 o'clock March 11, 2012.

The camera that was in a fairly close position is kore, and the sound of the blowing is heard almost without a gap.

Richborough Power Station Cooling Tower Demolition - YouTube

The next cooling moment after the countdown becomes 0, the cooling tower on the left is sinking.

Then the central cooling tower disappears and the cooling tower on the right also collapses.

Finally, a high chimney collapses, dismantling is over. I could not feel the height because there was a distance, but the cooling tower was 97 m and the chimney was 127 m.

This is taken from the direction facing the front of the power station. It is quite high image quality.

Richborough Power Station - Cooling Towers Demolition - 1080p HD - YouTube

From the place that sandwiched the ocean, you can see that quite a lot of people were watching.

Demolition of the Cooling Towers at the Richborough Power Station 11th March 2012 - YouTube

This is taken from another direction, the sound is not transmitted because it shoots from a considerable distance.
Demolition of Richborough Power Station Cooling towers.m4v - YouTube

There are also many people in the places where the tides are drawn and where they seem to be sandy beaches.

Demolition of Richborough Power Station cooling towers - YouTube

In the UK, a wind power generation company is doing a campaign to stop the power plant that uses such fossil fuel, and the campaign movie is exactly what used the image which blows up the power tower cooling tower .

Collapsing Cooling Towers - YouTube

Two cooling towers that gracefully drink tea

Suddenly, an explosion happened at the foot ... ...


Chimneys will collapse one after another

The cooling tower that was sleeping with an eye mask, when you noticed, the explosion dismantling is being carried out ......

A gentle chimney that keeps a beard will also be knocked down without making it.

The cooling tower family collapsed and left ... ...

Sprouts came out sharply after that

It was a campaign CM that made it an eco friendly wind power generator.

In 2007New Zealand banned thermal power generationAlthough there is certainly a movement of a desulfurized power plant, such as doing, there is still much doubt as to whether it can replace all by wind power generation, such as efficiency aspect and low frequency problem. In Japan, since the Great East Japan Earthquake and its accompanying accident at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, there has been strong anxiety about nuclear power plants, and it is an important issue to rely on the energy to generate electricity from now on.

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