An eerie movie with landslide going forward while tugging trees

No matter how advanced human technology advances, it is sometimes felt to be aware that it can not bear a tremendous natural disaster. In a landslide movie lodged in a certain region of Russia, it contains a state of swallowing things on the ground with an eerily slow motion.

New landslide video: a fascinating and huge Russian earthflow - The Landslide Blog - AGU Blogosphere

The movie is published on YouTube and you can see how the ground moves in an eerie state.

Оползень Заречный 01.04.2015 - YouTube

From the beginning of the movie, the state of the road that suddenly blocked the left half is projected. The detailed situation in which this video was contained is unknown, but the place I took the picture is the place called Penza State in Russia · Заречный (Zaretini), the date and time is April 1, 2015.

A state in which an object in which white and black are intermingled pushes from the left side of the screen while making a sound of "paradise". If you look at the movie, you can see how objects such as this earth mixed with snow rush into the wall.

The sound "fish ... ... frown ..." is a pattern of sounds where trees like white birch are being knocked down by landslides.

A grove that has been completely knocked down as "Zushan". Still the landslide progress does not show signs of staying.

The wall of the soil that continues to rise.

Landslides that swallow everything without lump. Although it may be thought as "from avalanche?" From a white appearance, it can be judged that it is a landslide from the appearance of the surface as it is.

Is it a transmission line or something like a steel tower mercilessly swallowed.

When you look at the road, it is completely occupied.

When I look to the distance, the figure of a gentle mountain. It is a place to worry about things like cracks on the ground.

The wave of the soil that is still rushing. The movie ended at a point where it swallowed the road without any further obligation and pushed further towards the right side of the screen.

In addition, it seems that the person who shot while actually escaping was finally safe. However, looking at the situation of the completely blocked road, it seems that it was only good fortune to say that it was safe, so if you actually encountered such a scene, you should give priority to escape for the time being It looks good.

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