A shock wave of explosion can be confirmed with the naked eye Russian oil tank fireflies movie

A Russian oil tank flame-up movie shot from 2 km ahead of the accident site. In the movie, the explosion scene is also caught, and it can be seen that the shock wave spreads in a hemispherical shape by the movement of the flame.

The explosive sound that echoes to the body reaches where the photographer is located, and the power of the site is transmitted.

Details are as below.
An oil tank that raises black smoke like a thick pillar. It is said that it was taken in Ulyanovsk, Russia.
YouTube - Massive oil tank explosion filmed from 2 km away

Explosion around 13 seconds.

The flame spreads shock wave can be confirmed.

Whether it is a broken wall, huge fragments are dancing in the sky.

The flame is also a strange forceful color.

The image shakes whether the shock reaches where the photographer is located.

It seems that it was still burning even after the explosion.

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