Movie of the Sun Tsunami shot by NASA's satellite

NASA's STEREO satellite that observes the sun is shooting the state of the sun's tsunami running on the surface of the sun that occurred on May 19, 2007. The tsunami was observed by the Astrophysics Research Team at Dublin Trinity College.

This solar tsunami energy seems to be equivalent to about 2 billion years of energy used by the whole world, and it is exactly an astronomical movement.

Details are as below.BBC NEWS Science-Nature First movie of 'tsunami' on Sun

TCD Astrophysics Tsunami blasts across Sun

The solar tsunami reached about 1 million km ahead in 30 minutes.

The sun tsunami is formed by a shock wave generated by an explosion such as corona mass discharge accompanying flare, and it seems that water is not included. The solar tsunami which was shot this time reached the maximum speed 20 minutes after the first explosion and disappeared after 35 minutes. David Long of Dublin Trinity College says, "The energy released by explosion is phenomenal and it is equivalent to about 2 billion years of energy used in the world."

Image of the Sun Tsunami.
YouTube - tsunami trigger

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