I tried to challenge "All Toppings of Curry Toppa" at CoCo Ichiban Shop ~ Actual diet ~

GIGAZINE editorial staff who ordered Kokoichi's "Curry Topping All Shirasen" recklessly. It was a curry dish not visible to curry any longer and a dish on which a large amount of deep-fried food was placed on the table. We saw how toppling fried toppings with our own hands to complete all the curry curryOrderWe delivered it at this time, but this time it is a challenge for this grade curry at last.

The situation of fierce fight is from the following.
Completed topping All fresh curry is like this.

Editing staff who extend the spoon. Suddenly I am baptized with cheese.

As I ate fried food, white rice came in sight.

After a while desperately trying to eat, it has decreased to this level. After all it does not look like curry.

When I got bored with the taste, it was effective if I sprinkle Gaba soy sauce for a while.

An editorial staff who is attacked by a feeling of fullness, one person, and one who drops out with one person.

I will annihilate the deep-fried food, the rest is only a little.

The last one scoop.

Complete food.

Check order slip. By the way I ate rice curry and clam curry .... The last pork curry topped the whole topped curry, 9050 yen.

If you look calmly in this way, "clams" and "rice cake clams" are topped at the same time. I did not understand what was different, even if I ate it.

Total 12,170 yen, the length of the slip was two forks. Thank you for the meal.

Regarding the taste, the main ingredients are different depending on the place, and as a whole it is a chaotic taste. Beef streaks and clams are quite distinctive taste. Although the amount of natto was not so much, the natto flavor spread across the whole. Also, as cheese spreads out all over the place, if you challenge in the future, please pay attention to natto and cheese. This time it was a challenge since I ate rice curry and clams curry so my stomach seems to crack, but if you ordered all the toppings curry with a single item, I think that you can eat as much as 4 to 5 people.

Please also refer to the report of those who challenged "All Shima".
Let's go back to the forest: 10,000 yen curry

Challenge soul GOGOGO !! (Deep fried food set of horror)

That 3 curry is enough for me alone.

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4/7 postscript: Thank you for many storytellers.

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