Russian 'Proton M rocket' is a movie that fully understands the whole story until launch failure · crash · explosion flames up

Local time On the morning of July 2 morning, the Russian rocket "Proton M" equipped with three satellites had just been launched from the Baikonur base in Kazakhstan, falling into control and crashing down, the explosion flames up. A movie containing all the details from the launch to the crash is released on YouTube.

Proton-M Launch Failure - July 2, 2013 - YouTube

Proton M set on launch pad

And launch.

It seemed like I went straight up as I did, but ...

It was said that control became impossible at the stage of just ten and several seconds from the launch, the trajectory diverted ...

Black smoke can be seen around where it faces downward from the horizontal.

Proton M which crashes while scattering parts from the tip part.

Flame while falling ... ...

An explosion hit the ground and exploded.

This movie was taken by a person watching the launch of proton M from a remote place.

Аварийный пуск ракетоносителя "Протон - М" с 3 - мя космическими аппаратами Глонасс. 02.07.2013 - YouTube

Proton M will be launched from the central launching pad at about 20 seconds or so.

When you look at this movie, you can see that it obliquely stretches at a very early stage.

As it is, the rocket swings its head in the horizontal direction ......

Turn downward this time to draw a circle. Here the parts are scattering.

And burn up ...

It crashed.

Because it is in a considerably remote place, the sound has not been transmitted when the big black smoke has risen since the crash ......

A roar and a shock wave arrive a few seconds later, the picture shakes violently.

The news site on the universeAnalysis by article of "SPACEFLIGHT 101"Then, it is estimated that abnormal combustion due to malfunction of the launch vehicle has occurred because the color of the exhaust is noticeably changed from about the original ascending route after about 1.5 seconds from takeoff.

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