A trajectory drawn by UFO or a mysterious light discovered in Moscow at midnight

It seems that he found a UFO came from space, a secret weapon somewhere, a natural phenomenon, or a mysterious light floating in the sky at midnight in Moscow.

In fact there is a possibility that it is just a processed image, but a photograph of a trace of quite a large light is released.

Details are as below.
Ahtak: ахтунг

A mysterious light floating in Moscow at night.

It is an image like a huge light bird.

There are also images that are not so clear, either because they shoot hurriedly.

Some of the lights are shaped like circles.

I feel like a glowing cloud when I look up.

A picture was taken around 2 o'clock in the midnight. It is said that the light was traveling at the same speed as the airplane. What exactly is the identity of this light?

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