Eating a body breaks up a scar but as it is living a surviving heteromorphic fish is caught

It has been reported that a man who has been fishing for over many years at the Raritan Bay in the United States has caught himself by a natural enemy and has survived but has caught a shape of a curry which has never been seen before.

You've Got to See What He Caught in Raritan Bay - Woodbridge, NJ Patch

Eddie Grant, a 45-year-old living in Leonardo, Jersey, USA, has been enjoying fishing over the years at Raritan Bay since he taught father about fishing. One day he was fishing in a friend's boat and fishing at Raritan Bay, he said he had raised a curry which part of his body was missing in a semicircle shape.

Mr. Grant said, "We were very surprised by the shape of a strange fish, but it seems that the wound has already healed when I look closely, the fish are very energetic, just lose a part of my body a lot It was just being there. " According to Mr. Grant's sake, what hit the clay wasAmikiriEither one of the sharks or Karei succeeded in escaping while breaking part of the body, it is thought that the wound healed in the form of the mouth.

When I caught this clam, Mr. Grant seemed to immediately return to the sea, but as a friend said "Let's take a picture", a lot of people could witness the power of nature. Kalei was released to the sea soon after taking a picture and said that he swam like something like a rocket to somewhere in Raritan Bay.

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