I ate a crispy Dutch traditional pancake "Pannekk" with a diameter of about 30 cm at "Pancakes Amsterdam"

Melt softly when entering the mouth A stunning rich tactile feeling pancakeYaPan-cake of fluffy fabricWhile thick-baked and fluffy pancake shops have appeared one after another, during that time, when I tried the Dutch traditional pancake "Pannekkk", it was supposed to be a traditional one but I did not think it would make a lap " It was a dish that muttered as "... new ...!!"

Pancakes Amsterdam | Hét pannenkoeken restaurant in Amsterdam

The address of Pancakes Amsterdam is "Berenstraat 38, 1016 GH Amsterdam", which is the home of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

The shops are marked with blue and white striped roofs.

Inside the store there was a kitchen on the basement floor, a cashier and table seat on the first floor, and several table seats on the second floor.

Seated ......

I will look at the menu.

Pancakes Amsterdam's pannekkk is divided into three, "traditional (traditional)" "sweet (sweet)" "savory (fragrant)" If it were possible to order a menu of fixed toppings ......

It is also possible to order plain panneck and add toppings to your preference.

There was also fluffy type "american pancakes".

This time we ordered Han Camembert cheese · raspberry sauce panneck out of savory, and added almonds by topping. Panneck arrived in about 15 minutes after ordering.

There are more than twice the diameter of the iPhone SE, and it can be seen that it is close to 30 cm.

It is a size that makes me uneasy whether I can eat it from the top, but this side is perfect as seen from the side.

Raspberry sauce that was in a separate container will be brought with you, so if you call it around ... ...

Sweetness of sauce · Ham & cheese salty sauce like panneck like dessert and meal was completed.

First of all, in order to ascertain the taste of the dough, I try to eat it from the part not hanging.

The pancake is mainstream though fluffy texture, Panneck is completely different from it, crispy and creepy texture. However, it differs from crepe, and inside is semi-mildly dusty. Whether the butter is used quite often, the bittern and flour fragrance spread throughout the mouth during chewing, it is supposed to be a traditional dish, but "Ho ho !?" and I do not feel the newness as a pancake I can not go into it.

The section looks something like this. Thickness is about 3 - 4 mm, it is ultra thin as a pancake, but thicker than crepe. Also, as it is a way of making the ingredients first bake and then pouring the dough, ham is firmly trapped in the fabric.

Will ham and raspberry sauce fit each other ...? I tried it while thinking, the compatibility of sweet and sourness is pretty good, plenty buttery dough adds richness.

The compatibility of mellow and salty Camembert and raspberry sauce was incomprehensible.

In addition, Panneck ordered this time is 9.8 euro (about 1100 yen), plus topping almonds (1.8 euro / about 200 yen). Basically it can be made of the same material as pancake,Recipes are open to the internet as wellSo it is ant to make it at home without going to the Netherlands.

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