Pokemon GO official wearable device "Pokémon GO Plus" haste photo review, the real thing is like this

Official wearable device that can be used in conjunction with Pokemon GO (Pokémon GO)Pokémon GO PlusFinally it was released from Friday, September 16, 2016. In the real shops across the country, it was about news that the long lines were made, but the GIGAZINE editorial department also succeeded in getting along with Pokemon EXPO Jim from the early morning without problems. Pokémon GO Plus has reviewed the exterior appearance as to what kind of device it is.

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I came to LaLaport EXPOCITY 's Pokemon EXPO Jim.

As of around 7:30 am already over 100 people had already made a long line in search of Pokémon GO Plus.

Go ahead and get a numbered ticket.

I reached Pokemon EXPO Jim. I was able to get Pokémon GO Plus around 10:15 at the opening time at 10 o'clock.

So I bought Pokémon GO Plus like this and I'm in a bag of Pokemon Center with illustration of Pikachu.

Inside besides Pokémon GO Plus stickers and notes were included.

Pokémon GO Plus who gotten beyond the matrix of over 100 people.

Easy to use on the back.

I will open it at once.

Pokémon GO Plus is firmly guarded with packing materials ......

A Pokémon GO Plus body and a wristband with a design like a monster ball came out.

Insert the insulation sheet and pull it out.

Pokémon GO Plus body is like this, the middle part of the monster ball is a button & LED light.

The back side is a clip, it can be worn on belts, breast pockets and bags.

You can also replace it with a wristband that is included separately.

Adjusting the wristband is very easy so children should be able to wear them without problems.

To replace the wristband, remove the screw on the back of Pokémon GO Plus.

Then the lid is removed and the battery is exposed. Battery replacement is also performed in this procedure.

Because there are screws at the corner of the band ... ...

Complete by attaching it to the wristband and stopping the screw.

When installed it is like this. Pushing the button puts you in pairing mode and shines glowing. If you are watching the vivid color Pokémon GO Plus you will definitely feel like having a monster ball in the real world and doubling the excitement. The connection method with the smartphone and the review actually used are currently planned to be published, so it will be published shortly, so the GIGAZINE formulaTwitter·Facebook·Google+This is useful because you will receive notification as soon as you follow the account.

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