When iOS 9 is changed to iOS 10, will the application startup speed and battery duration increase or decrease?

An actual machine review of iOS 10 which started delivery from the earliest September 14, 2016 is beginning to appear. Apple's "The biggest update in the history of iOS" iOS 10 is the oldest model that iOS 10 can use, in particular, how much the performance will change compared to the previous version, both "iPhone with an A6 processor" 5 "and" iPhone 5c ", Ars Technica is carrying out an initial review.

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Ars Technica, who has been tracking the compatibility between past iPhones and the newly appearing iOS since the iPhone 3GS eraAndrew CunninghamThe reporter explained that the newly appearing iOS 10 is an OS that can be used normally for the iPhone 5 that appeared in 2012 and the successor iPhone 5c as well. Cunningham reporter said that it was about iPhone 3GS when iOS 6 appeared, that it was able to judge "good" when looking back on the update so far, and the later OS is evaluated to be strict for old models As I was doing, it seems to be good to think that the evaluation "iOS 10 that is also good for old models" is particularly prominent.

Using the iPhone 5s, iOS 9.3.5 and iOS 10 GM version (pre-release final version / nearly completed version) compared the start time of each application graph below. From left most application name, iOS 9.3.5 time, iOS 10 GM time, and growth rate are written.

Only the "Calendar" application shows an increase rate of 0.5% to 18.5% except for the startup time being shortened, and only the "mail" application shows 42% increase rate, but rather the actual time to be noticed is actual time. Even the "message" application with the highest rate of increase only slightly increased 0.27 seconds from 1.45 seconds to 1.72 seconds, so it seems to be said that it is not at a level that you can feel "late for na" first. Given that Apple is the OS with "the largest in the history of iOS" added, it may be good to judge that the result of "maintaining almost the status quo" is worthy of evaluation.

Next, when the brightness of the display is 200NITSThe result of doing a browsing test on Wi - Fi in the condition that it is set to. Graphs of iOS 9 (orange) and iOS 10 (blue) are shown for each model, and the actual operation time is displayed in numbers.

Although it is inevitable that the old model and the iPhone 5 which the battery is used are inferior compared to other models, it is still unavoidable that the driving time does not change in iOS 9 and iOS 10 is. In the past, it is said that battery consumption has become faster every time the version goes up. Where power consumption can be said to remain unchanged despite the major update, the owner using the old model It seems that it can be said that hope can be said to be a result.

As a feel actually I tried, there seemed to be relatively crispy without particularly conspicuous freeze. However, it seems that the difference of the specification of falling four years does not seem to be anything, and when playing a game such as "Pokemon GO", there was also a scene where chattering occurred. The same phenomenon was also confirmed when using the multitasking function.

Cunningham reporter summarized the question "Do you want to update?" To the question, "Evaluating that iOS 10 can be used well on iPhone 5 is not bad, considering that it is only 4 years since its appearance." Even the oldest terminal that can use iOS 10 seems to be able to secure almost the same performance as iOS 9 era. However, it seems better to keep in mind about the feeling of use in the 16 GB model as well.

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