Jobs' thought "courage" is boosting the iPhone 7's abolition of the iPhone 7 which discontinued earphone jack

In iPhone 7, the earphone jack was abolished, and the question of this decision centering on existing users is rising. However, there are indications that such a major change causing a lot of confusion is actions based on Apple's policy that Steve Jobs used to describe using the word "courage".

Steve Jobs effectively explains why Apple removed the headphone socket from the iPhone 7 [Video] | 9to5Mac

9to 5Mac brings out the movie that Jobs was talking about to the voice of embarrassment due to the discontinuation of the earphone jack of iPhone 7 and points out that it is a policy unchanged from the era of Jobs with behavior based on Apple's strong belief . Jobs' remarks are recorded after 2 minutes 45 seconds of the interview movie just after Apple decided the policy not to support Adobe's Flash on the iPhone.

Steve Jobs - Courage - YouTube

Jobs is talking about as follows.

Some people who are trying to make a great product for people, and we have a little product. Are going to not like that, they are going to call us names [...] but we're going to take the heat [and] instead focus our energy on these technologies which we think are in their ascendancy and we think are going to They are paying us to make these choices [...] If we succeed, they'll buy them, and if you do not, they will not, and it'll All work itself out. "
(Apple continues to challenge to offer great products so we have a minimum of "courage" based on a strong belief that "This is not suitable for making great products" And I will not adopt "things that are not worthy to make great products." Some people dislike this attitude and at that time they will accuse Apple by name, but making changes does not dominate Customers consider paying for Apple's choice, rather than pouring energy into technologies.The customer will buy the product if Apple did it well, if it fails, The customer will not buy the product and the change itself will not work)

This Jobs 'remarks is something that Apple' s decision to discontinue earphone jack on iPhone 7 is something that is relevant. Certainly,Apple's special eventsPhillip Schiller senior vice president who took over to say "courage" if it expresses the discontinuation of earphone jack in a word is certainly consistent with Apple's policy Jobs told in the movie above is.

It is pointed out that Apple may be putting a message on images of iPhone 7 color variations as if foreseeing criticism of the discontinuation of earphone jack this time. The following iPhone 7's screen shows five colors of crystal, which is the color of the original iMac, which is also a symbol of Apple's return to Apple by Jobs. At the time of the original iMac, at that time, we made a big decision to abolish the popular floppy disks, and many criticisms were received against this. Against this criticism Jobs made the product a great success by penetrating our beliefs, so the item that symbolizes Apple's "courage" is the first iMac, and the discontinuation of the earphone jack on iPhone 7 is also due to this courage That's why a strong message is hidden.

For Jobs without Apple, criticism of the tone of "There would not have been such a thing if there were Jobs" is a criticism of the tone, but due to the existence of movies that Jobs talks about, 9to 5 Mac is said to have at least "if Jobs ......" He points out that criticism will be overturned.

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